Working towards an asbestos-free future

Asbestos is still a danger within our housing and construction industry, with education on its ...  
Forget COVID — stupidity is the real contagion

With the pandemic far from over, governments are encouraging a disturbingly relaxed attitude ...  
COVID-19 crisis management fodder for political gamers

It appears COVID-19 crisis management policies have impacted voting behaviour — all the more ...  
Dan Andrews 'right to go' for third term

Despite conservative media relentlessly campaigning against his success, Daniel Andrews' potential ...  
Population almost 8 billion: Pressures on the planet? Countless

A world population milestone of 8 billion. An exploitative economic system that assumes infinite ...  
Electric vehicle transition has huge health benefits

A transition to electric vehicles would not only help the environment but provide personal health ...  
Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder need more help

Because of ignorance, diagnosis and treatment of children with FASD are delayed — even though ...  
National Cabinet COVID decision is perverse political point scoring

Backflipping on COVID isolation periods seems politically motivated in order for a Labor win in ...  
Why men need to soften up

On 8 September, Australians across the country turned to their mates and asked RU OK?  
Ending mandatory isolation is peak COVID mismanagement

Our politicians are making poor decisions regarding the pandemic, essentially leaving us to fend ...  
Lockdown: Rethinking Australia's pandemic performance

Tony Adams and Romaine Rutnam unpack Chip Le Grand's new book, 'Lockdown', which advocates that ...  
Medicare must be accessible for prisoners

I see prisons where hearts are broken; life’s brief light extinguished.  
An elegy to masks and why mine stays on

Tom Tanuki on why he's keeping the mask on as COVID recedes.   
Why I am taking a break from Twitter

Twitter can remain a place of rich debate if we refuse to accept simplistic solutions to difficult ...  
Eleven ways to prevent another COVID catastrophe

A global report released on Wednesday highlights massive global failures in the response to ...  
Move to lift COVID precautions raises suspicions

The decision to reduce COVID isolation periods is one that defies common sense and seems shrouded ...  
Letting standards slip: Qantas reels from repeated failures

The list of Qantas' sins is lengthy and growing with diseased relish.   
KERRYN PHELPS: Dropping COVID safeguards is just a bad idea

With the next variant just around the corner, the rush to reduce the isolation period for COVID ...  
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