Independent Australia applauds Bolt decision

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Newsletter ~ 1 October, 2011

Independent Australia applauds Bolt decision


Independent Australia believes the discrimination decision by Justice Bromberg was a good one for Australia — a long overdue reminder that discrimination, once such a feature of life here, no longer has a place in Australia.

Our esteemed senior correspondent Barry Everingham said in his article ‘Andrew Bolt is – officially – a racist’:

In the Federal Court of Australia today, His Honour Justice Mordecai Bromberg confirmed what most fair thinking Australians have always known — that the sanctimonious know-it-all Andrew Bolt is a racist.


The lunatics will be rushing out of the asylums to decry the verdict and surprise, surprise, the first to do so was Opposition leader Tony Abbott, bleating that Bolt should have been free to say what he did.


And the racist himself, this Andrew Dolt, was, of course, seething with righteous indignation, calling the decision “a terrible day for free speech in this country”.


That, not to put too fine a point on it, is total bullshit and typical of Bolt — one of Australia’s most egregiously self-righteous commentators.

And today contributor JD Lang took aim at the many self-serving journalists and politicians decrying the verdict in ‘Bolt cries crocodile tears about “Freedom of Speech”’:

Meanwhile, Bolt came out yesterday and wrote a front page article decrying the loss of his “freedom of speech” — making all the same revolting arguments he made in his original article — but this time without including the “facts” he made up to support his arguments originally.


So much for gagging Bolt.


Frankly, if you support the right of people to make crap up to denigrate and belittle people according to their race — you aren’t interested in freedom of speech. You are interested in the freedom of evil ideologues to tear holes into the fabric of our society – to start little wars – to deem some people superior to others.


Freedom of speech.


Andrew Bolt is no victim — he is an ideological warrior who will stop at nothing to get his odious politics out into the mainstream so as to weaken our society and turn good Australians against each other.

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Independent Australia applauds Bolt decision

Newsletter ~ 1 October, 2011 Independent Australia applauds Bolt decision &n ...  
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