Australia Day: A fascist love affair

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January 26, 1788, the day the British Empire jacked an entire continent; the day that marks the beginning of a 230-year reign of terror on the Indigenous peoples of this land we call Australia, which continues to this day.

To us non-Indigenous Australians who are woke, "Australia Day" is a day of shame. We recognise the true history of this Invasion Day AKA Survival Day, and no amount of bullshit from Rupert Murdoch’s flunkies is ever going to change that. Despite his best efforts, Murdoch’s dystopian dream will die with him. That’s not to say things won’t get worse before they get better — the oligarchy has the power to unleash horrors on the people on a scale like never before, but in the end the rich get eaten and humanity is freed. Shit happens.

“You can’t have capitalism without racism”

~ Malcolm X

Capitalism and racism are intrinsically linked. From the cotton fields of the Deep South, to terra nullius, to the prison industrial complex, to Manus Island, to war in the Levant, systemic racism greases the wheels of capitalism. Late stage capitalism is really just craft fascism. Justice, equality and democracy are to fascism what garlic is to a vampire.

“Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

~ James Baldwin

Perpetuating the myth of the benevolent Christian settlers, who clothed, fed, educated and cared for all those poor Aborigines, is key to maintaining the status quo of the theft and exploitation of Aboriginal lands. Politicians, mining magnates, bankers, media barons and their IPA douche tank work in tandem to stoke the fires of racial hatred to ensure the gravy train never stops. The spread, recognition and acceptance of the so-called Black Armband version of our history (aka the truth) scares the crap out of the white power elites.

“I freed thousands of slaves, and could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves”.

~ Harriet Tubman

Racism is a powerful weapon in the fascist’s arsenal used to create division and suppress the power of organised labour, the fascist’s most feared enemy. White middle class Australian workers need to understand that all our struggles are connected.

'…the Native Title Act was a fraud and a farce and certainly did not give land justice to Aboriginal Australians. Yet most Australians cling to the belief that their country had resolved Aboriginal claims for land and sovereignty through the passing of the Native Title Act in 1993. This is white Australian myth-making and denialism of a high order.' 

~ Gary Foley 

Largely thanks to independent and social media, the white power elite is losing control of the narrative. They’re afraid, hence the more brazen fascist power grab of late. Detached from Murdoch’s teat, younger Australians are more woke than their elders, the only means left to control them are casualised labour, wage suppression, high property prices and, of course, the good old jackboot, courtesy of Her Majesty’s constabulary like we saw (and felt) at Occupy Sydney, Occupy Melbourne, and anywhere people have stood up for their civil and human rights or the environment.

Almost 20 years of knuckle-draggers in power has undone much of the meagre progress of the two preceding decades. Concentration camps, criminal wars, corrupt government, horrific deaths in custody, mass incarceration, state sanctioned lynching, erosion of worker’s rights, fracking, the surveillance state, the #NotNaziBut dog-whistling, racist cartoons, and Blackface; it’s the same tired old shit: spreading fear and hate among the masses so a small group of elites can increase their power, make shitloads of money, buy big-arse boats and, with any luck, slip, fall and crack their twisted evil sad-arse supervillain skulls (Better luck next time, Monty).

We need to evolve – and fast – before the fascists in power get their full Nazi on. And by “we”, I mean White people. Indigenous people are woke as fuck — being under the jackboot for 230 years will do that. In the nuclear age, our greed is liable to get us all killed long before we commit collective suicide by climate change.

'Although now some 30 years after the Native Title Act came into existence, most Aboriginal people are beginning to realise that my mantra of “Native title is NOT Land Rights” is correct. The “Land Rights” that the Black Power movement envisaged was a notion whereby land would be granted in freehold title, whereas native title is not land ownership at all. The simple truth remains that native title is the most inferior form of land tenure under British law. It is not land ownership!'

~ Gary Foley

Huge crowds at Invasion Day rallies around Australia this year are the light shining through the end of a 230 year tunnel of darkness. The Matrix has been hacked, change is coming, the fight for justice long denied to the First Nations people of this land is the catalyst that will remove the fascists from power for good. 

“Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality…”

~ Malcolm X

If we want to be welcomed and feel like we truly belong here, we have to earn our keep. It begins with understanding.

Peace Out.

Squig is an ARIA award winning producer, independent filmmaker, and auteur of the post-apocalyptic trilogy www.GAMMA-movie.com Occupying the Matrix @squig_.

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Australia Day: A fascist love affair

January 26, 1788, the day the British Empire jacked an entire continent; the day ...  
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