Craig Thomson speaks exclusively to Peter Wicks

On the weekend before his appeal hearing in Melbourne, former MP Craig Thomson opens up to Peter Wicks from Wixxyleaks.

With Craig Thomson’s appeal against his conviction set to begin in Melbourne County Court on Monday, I thought it may be time for another quick chat with the man himself.

There has been a lot of confusion in the public over some of the aspects of the case that I thought may be best cleared up by Thomson in his own words.

Things such as the much confused difference between admissions and undisputed facts which has been heavily misreported in the mainstream and right-wing media and the total dollar figure of the charges against him has often varied wildly in reports.  

For this appeal, there is to be no new evidence presented, so I was also keen to hear Craig’s opinion on what he thinks will be different about the outcome and the notion shared by many that he is just delaying the inevitable or buying time at a very expensive rate.

Along the way, Craig opened up about his own mental health, as well as special treatment for whistleblowers and the virtual impossibility of a fair trial.

Anyway … have a look and I hope it clears up some of the confusion and gives an insight into Thomson’s mind as he rolls the dice and hopes for a better outcome this time.

Thanks go to Scott Clarke from WinedUp Productions for filming and producing this video. You can follow Scott on Twitter @winetosser and Peter Wicks at @madwixxy.

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