Krugers, Bolts and glass houses

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Esteemed sociological anthropologist and social media commentator, Norm Francis, discusses the brave and well-informed views of Sonia Kruger — even though she comes from a highly suspicious background.

IT IS VERY SAD that the very sensible (and totally non-discriminatory) views of Sonia Kruger are being lampooned, criticised and critiqued by the typical bunch of anti-whale harpooning thought police but a most important truth of her comments has, of course, been missed.

How do we deal with people and cultures that are clearly repugnant (not to mention historically dangerous) to civilised and sensitive Australians?

Now that the well renowned political philosopher Andrew Bolt has come to Sonia’s ideological defence, I think we can now get to the more vexing questions posed by Kruger’s brave and well informed call, on national tabloid morning television, to end all Muslim immigration to Australia.


As I have previously written, I am a big supporter of multiculturalism and Bolt is a great example of what can happen when individuals from inferior non-English speaking immigrant backgrounds come to accept and mimic "our" more civilised and superior Anglo-Australian culture. You can hardly tell that he is not one of "us" and that he is from an "immigrant background" — in the right kind of light his Dutch white skin almost looks like the type of white skin that we have, you know what I mean?

Clearly, the question is not only that we should stop Muslim immigration but what do we do with the Muslims that are already here? However, I think there is scope to extend the focus of unwanted trouble-making immigrants (not in any racist or discriminatory way of course), to those groups prone to radicalisation.

I think working forward from Kruger’s brave call, there are excellent historical precedents that we could utilise for such groups already here. Obviously, we could place such people into internment camps as enemy aliens, just like we did with the Germans, which is sort of ironic really as Sonia has a German surname — I even looked it up. I am certain she would not be ignorant of what we did to the Germans at home during WW1 and WW2, right? Even though she only looks and sounds like one of us – she is really, well you know, German – but she sure has sensible views on Muslims.

But, to be honest (I am a bit fearful after all) it does concern me somewhat (given that we have fought two wars against the Hun), that there are so many bloody Germans in Australia, know what I mean, right? Anyone who has really looked closely at lederhosen on an overweight German male cannot help but be repulsed by their so called "culture".

In light of declarations of human rights, wars of aggression or genocide (we are not like the Germans after all) we could not be that extreme in Australia in relation to Muslims. But I think stripping them of their citizenship, putting their women and children on boats and releasing them at sea — seems like the most humane and sensible way to discourage extremists and other lunatics from coming (or continuing to reside here). Funny enough, as we already do similar things already (not to mention the unfairly maligned Nauru resort as a possible destination), it would be easy enough.

I like Sonia (she is very pretty), even though she comes from a highly suspicious non-English speaking background, I did mention that I have one or two concerns. I mean, while she sounds and looks almost like us, Dutch is one thing (they were at least neutral during the war for pity's sake) but the Germans — well that is totally different.

Apart from their disgusting sausages, their horrifying polka music and dancing and their strange Pagan religious customs (like Oktoberfest), they are, of course, prone to radicalisation (ahum, WW1 and its more impressive sequel), violence, genocide, world domination — that kind of thing. By the way, did I mention Hitler? I do not think this is being unfair, besides, I know that Bolt and Kruger would support my right to express these fears out loud.


Anyway ... I think someone from that kind of background (like Sonia, she is very pretty by the way) should openly acknowledge the sins of their inferior radicalised culture, denounce this past and make it clear they have adopted "our" ways and "our" customs — people need to know whose side they really are on. Otherwise, it is difficult to accept them as "almost" like "us". Maybe each time she appears on the telly, there could be a little disclaimer on the screen? That seems reasonable to me. Same thing for that Waleed Ally bloke too.

Did you know that there are tens of thousands of groups all over the word (even in Australia!), inspired by radical German ideological fascist extremism, I mean it is frightening, is it not? You can hardly walk down the street without quaking in fear. As you know, in the right light, their skin looks as "white" as ours, so it can be hard to tell which one might be coming to kill you. (They tried to kill dear old Grandad in North Africa during the war, you know). Slippery bastards.

I know what you are going to say, well, they are not all like that (by the way did I mention Hitler?), that some of your best friends celebrate Octoberfest in lederhosen but where are the moderate Germans out on the street? I really do think that German-Australians should be out there protesting against this sort of extremism and reassuring us by apologising for the Holocaust on a daily basis. I think this will make real Australian people feel better about allowing these people to continue living in Australia — with "us", know what I mean?

Perhaps we should just halt all immigration for a while, maybe consider those internment camp thingies for a bit, you know, put all those Muslims and Germans somewhere where we can just keep an eye on them, just to be sure, of course.

After all, we would not want to breed discrimination, stereotyping or cruelty based on ignorance and bigotry — not like those inferior cultures from overseas. Know what I mean …?

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