COVID-19 complacency has resulted in infections and deaths skyrocketing.  
Australia is a leader on suicide awareness, laggard on prevention

Australia must do more for victims to ensure that they can heal, writes Gerry Georgatos.   
Questions remain over Assange's stroke, as he is sent to likely death

The details surrounding Julian Assange's mini-stroke in October 2021 remain unclear, as he is to ...  
Too often, stigma-based bullying ends in suicide

The national conversation we need to have is of the grimmest reality — suicide is the leading ...  
My son doesn't want to eat anymore

Seven months into her journey with anorexia, a single parent talks about her uphill battle to ...  
Haemochromatosis: The rampant deadly disease you’ve probably never heard of

Haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder in Australia. Untreated, it's fatal. Yet ...  
Better public health starts with effective climate policy

The Albanese Government now has a chance to act on climate change, resulting in better public ...  
No, Australia has not done well in managing COVID-19

There has been considerable commentary by politicians and others that Australia has done well in ...  
War is not the biggest threat to Australia's security

The Morrison Government had escalated the fear of war, but there are far more critical things to ...  
Authoritarian leaders butcher COVID-19 response, leading to deaths

The World Health Organisation (WHO) last week updated its report on excess deaths from COVID-19 ...  
Breech births left behind

Rigid hospital policy and the pandemic are pushing mothers of bottom-first babies toward the ...  
With migration, Labor's nurses plan can work

Two major Labor policies will require a substantial increase in the nurse and doctor workforce ...  
FLASHBACK 2021: Medicare cuts prove the Coalition is bad for our health

Labor has attacked the Coalition's Medicare cuts after Anne Ruston tried defending past comments ...  
Independents: Putting paid to patch-up politics

Luke Hinsley intends to run in the upcoming Federal Election as an Independent because "we need ...  
Like tobacco, Australia has a coal problem it must overcome

Australia has a problem and its name is coal.  
Disability advocates condemn neglect of chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers

The Australian medical community is ignoring research and promoting outdated information in the ...  
The truth about endo and where government funding SHOULD go

Endometriosis sufferers have had enough of the misinformation, inadequate care and ill-considered ...  
Talking nuclear and 'the smoke and mirrors game of shadows'

Noel Wauchope tests the 'nuclear' facts in an interview between former CEO of Australia's Nuclear ...  
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