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Iron Man and Cameron: the feel good story of the year

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We’re only a few days into the new year and it feels like all we have heard is bad news; well, here’s one from John Turnbull that will warm your heart.


WE'RE ONLY a few days into the new year and it feels like all we have heard about recently is bad news.  Massacres. Horrible abuse and disrespect of women. Needless fiscal cliffs caused solely because a bunch of over-privileged dickheads can’t agree.

But I would like to present you with a story that may very well make you cry.

Cameron is a young man with severe developmental difficulties. He is usually non-responsive to his parents or carers, but he does really like Iron Man. A user on Reddit named Pookie85 (possibly not their real name) approached the Cosplay* subreddit with a request — a special Christmas message from Iron Man to Cameron.

Cosplay, for those who don’t know, refers to people dressing up in highly detailed costumes based on sci-fi or anime characters. Cosplay enthusiasts tend to congregate at comic and video game conventions.  Despite dressing strangely, most of them are really nice people.

In any case, one Iron Man stepped up to the challenge and produced the video below.

Below is Cameron’s reaction.

The geeks really shall inherit the Earth.

(With thanks to Podcast Hollywood Babble On.)

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