How support for disability can enable us all

If we make our communities more inclusive of people with disability, everyone in society will ...  
Tragic neglect: Who is checking on the NDIS' most vulnerable?

Recent deaths suggest gaps in Australia's system of care for vulnerable people with disability.  
How the NDIS has failed under a Liberal government

Now that we have abandoned the precious surplus, Tim Cornwall asks if we could reverse the NDIS ...  
The NDIS leaves workers behind

The NDIS would better serve its participants if its workforce had decent pay and good working ...  
Wren's Week: Scott Morrison's Pentecostal beliefs have affected Liberal Party policies

Scott Morrison's blind devotion to his religious beliefs has had an influence on various Liberal ...  
A left-wing critique of the NDIS

While the NDIS has made some positive inroads, it has some way to go to fulfil its ambitious ...  
Stuart Robert to appeal NDIS funding for MS sufferer

Stuart Robert's move to appeal an MS sufferer's NDIS funding reflects his own personal prejudice ...  
A desperate plea to save the life of Kayban Jamshaad

The Australian immigration department has denied a visa to an infant in desperate need of medical ...  
The NDIS, Disability Royal Commission and Morrison's crocodile tears

The Disability RC announcement was an afterthought designed to offset the negative reception for ...  
The National Disability Insurance Scheme needs a closer look

With the election looming, now is a good time to examine how the NDIS is being managed by the ...  
Aged care done dirt cheap

Aged care is shockingly letting out Australia's elderly, writes psychologist Lyn Bender.  
Discrimination within Australia's migration policy

Australia's migration policy is flawed by examples of discrimination against people with a disa ...  
Disabilities in prison: A horror story in our backyard

Notes for a talk presented to the Citizen Advocacy Trust of Australia fundraiser at the Supreme ...  
Inequity, autism spectrum disorder and the cost of NDIS cuts

We have two options, says Jane Salmon. Raise the Medicare levy for NDIS and support autism or ...  
Wheelchairs for Kids: Spreading a message of hope

The thousands of wheelchairs produced to aid children across the world are a sign of hope despite ...  
Elderly, disabled, jobless or homeless? The Coalition is still blaming you

In short, the take-home message from the Turnbull Government is, if you’re poor, it’s your ...  
DUNCAN STORRAR: The insidious consequences of disability pension cuts

Duncan Storrar explains the cruel cycle of poverty and devastation being inflicted on the mentally ...  
Why don't politicians respond to emails and engage with the public?

Why are so many politicians tardy and negligent in responding to their constituents' concerns?  
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