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Ever wonder whether you have what it takes to be a judge or magistrate in the Victorian justice system?

Well, why not try the Victorian Justice Quiz?

It will only take you a few adrenalin fuelled seconds to find out how much you really know about our Court system and its servile relationship with the National Australia Bank.

Lucky winners will be allowed to lose millions of dollars and without any spend limits, it's more fun than online gambling or the pokies and we know it's got the Reverend Tim Costello's approval because he's co-chair of the NAB's Social Responsibility Advisory Council.

Keeping an eye on things are our fabulous judges drawn from more Courts than the Australian Open. We've got Magistrates, Associate Judges and Justices. The good thing is, you don't have to know anything about Justice to be a Judge.

You've just got to answer YES! to the following Q & A. No silly buzzers to press. The Judges answer for you anyway.

Q. Magistrate: Is it okay for a lawyer to make death and other threats to a self-represented litigant just outside your Court.


Q. Justice Judge: Is it okay for a Court Security Chief to deliver an ominous threat to a self-represented litigant in the Supreme Court in Melbourne, on behalf of the National Australia Bank's Sydney-based lawyer.

A. YES! Why do you even ask? It's called Justice Sans Frontieres.

Q. Justice Judge: Is it okay for His Honour in an open Court to question, in an accusatory manner, only the self-represented litigant about an anonymous letter sent to His Honour?

A. YES! It's called transparency, stupid.

Q. Duty Justice Judge: Is it okay for the National Australia Bank and McKean Park lawyers to trash and damage property after deeming it 'abandoned' whilst the owner is away receiving medical care.


If you answered YES to all of the above, you should consider a career in the Law. You have the right stuff to be a Judge.

We're not joking. All these things and more have happened to litigants in person.

Since Independent Australia and Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence laid bare intimate details about her shocking treatment at the hands of The Victorian Injustice System, the National Australia Bank and lawyers McKean Park, we have been contacted by numerous Australians who have shared similar horror stories.

One of those was Matt Norman, the Ballarat based actor, former Commando, film maker and director of the award-winning documentary 'Salute'.

Lawrence and Norman have pledged to support one another against the predatory conduct and reprehensible behaviour of the NAB and SOME members of the Victorian judiciary — who appear to favour the NAB and who resent and reject non-lawyer litigants.

Lawrence attended Norman's Appeal on January 19 to report on the outcome for Independent Australia and was shocked to learn what had transpired INSIDE the Court before His Honour Judd emerged from his rooms — when the Court's Security Chief, Graeme Spurr, delivered an ominous threat to Matt Norman, apparently as the result of a phone call he had received from one of the NAB's Sydney lawyers.

After entering the court, the Judge was immediately told about this incident by Matt Norman — which he disregarded in preference to asking persistent questions to the litigant Norman about an anonymous non-threatening letter received by His Honour.

This is justice for some, maybe – for a few – but not for all — and certainly not for self-representing litigants against powerful and well-connected interests.

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