Independent Australia's incredible growth continues in April

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Independent Australia has continued its rocket-like growth in April, and the world's media is starting to sit up and take notice.

During April, Independent Australia increased its unique visitors by over 10,000, from 19,345 in March to 29, 522 in April — an over 150% increase. This is almost a 20,000 increase (or 300%) on visitor numbers from February of 9,961.

Monthly stats for Independent Australia

Sandi Keane, new Independent Australia environment correspondent

Independent Australia also appointed a new member to its editorial team in April, Sandi Keane, who becomes our Environment Correspondent. Sandi's stories on coal seam gas and on secret Howard Government plans to turn Australia to become the world's nuclear waste dump were part of the reason for IA's stunning success in April. Independent Australia will continue to look at ways to protect Australia's national interests, which of course includes preserving our natural environment, heritage and health. As such, Sandi will play a vital part in this area of our future reporting.

Independent Australia has, for a long time, largely been ignored by the mass media, but we are starting to become grudgingly accepted. As reported yesterday, Independent Australia has been featured on the major US comedy programme the Daily Show, which is syndicated internationally and presented by comedian Jon Stewart. And, during April, IA reporters Barry Everingham, David Donovan and Tess Lawrence all did interviews with television, radio and /or print publications about stories published in Independent Australia.

Independent Australia is a pro-Republican publication because we believe full Australian independence is strongly in the national interest. In direct contradiction to many mass media outlets reporting that  seems to be saying – seemingly on the basis of a single Newspoll taken in the week of the royal wedding – that republicanism here is dead or in decline, our stories on the Republic have been the most popular stories written during the month. Our success is a slap in the face for those people who say passion for an Australian Republic is waning. As you can see, republicanism is growing all the time. The incredible numbers of hits recorded over the royal wedding week indicates Australians might love a fancy wedding, but they see the need for an Australian Republic much, much, more. Barry Everingham's story on The Chaser censorship and Tess Lawrence's story on Julia Gillard being "ordered" by the Queen to create an Australian Republic make up two of the three most popular three stories ever published in this journal.

Here's the graph of the last eight weeks. (Bear in mind that at the time the graph was recorded, on Sunday morning, the most recent week was not yet over.)

Weekly stats for Independent Australia

But Independent Australia is far more than just a pro-republican journal. Our international stories on Libya, the USA, Egypt, Guantanamo Bay and Wikileaks, for example, have attracted readers from all over the world. Our stories on crime, politics, history, arts, sport and the occasional satirical piece show we are a lot more than just a one trick pony.

Our ability to dig up stories missed – or studiously ignored – by the mass media here in Australia has attracted people disaffected by the bland coverage served up by major media outlets. As such, we must thank the mass media for its narrow focus and lack of popular appeal for driving people towards our exciting publication. Without the incestuous, echo tank that is the popular media in this country, we could not have achieved our stunning growth rate.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of our many contributors, and especially the highly talented editorial team of Barry Everingham, Tess Lawrence, Dr Glenn Davies and Sandi Keane for their work in April. Without your remarkable ability to dig our facts and write what people want to read, Independent Australia would not be the interesting publication it is today. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

And finally, thank you to readers for your great support for Independent Australia over the last month. It is your help, support and readership that make all of this possible. You are what it is all about. And if you would like to make comments, suggestions, or look at ways you can help to assist us please contact me using one of the means listed below.

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Also, if you would like to donate and help us continue our work, or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, or would simply like to advertise on the rapidly growing publication, please  feel very welcome contacting me using the contacts details below.

Have a great May. I look forward to June 1 to show you what we have achieved in this month.

Kind regards,


David Donovan |  Managing Editor

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