The Queen is Head of State Part V

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Lewis Holden continues the series arguing the Queen is Australia's Head of State, based on a new book by Steven Spadijer. 

The Queen is Head of State series: parts I II III IV

Why are the monarchists missing in action?

My apologies for the slow production of this part of the Queen is Head of State series. I've been preoccupied fighting a referendum on electoral change here in New Zealand. More on that later.

Amazingly, there has been no response to this series from its instigators, the ACM's David Flint and Sir David Smith. Following Steven Spadijer's devastating dismissal of their claim that a single precedent from 1907 "proves" the Governor-General is Australia's head of state (even though they've mis-quoted the precedent), they've been missing in action.

This isn't a surprise - both have refused to debate the author of the book in question.

Try as I may I haven't been able to get back to this series over the last few days. Thinking more about it, I can't see why we should waste ammunition on an argument until such a time as the monarchists actually decide to address it. We just have to wait for them to peak above the trench again...  
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