Make politicians as courageous as Girl Guides

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Why can't our current crop of politicians be more like the Girl Guides, asks George Said.

''I Promise that I will do my best: to do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and my country; to help other people; and to keep the Guide Law.''

This is the Girl Guide Promise which is being reviewed. The Girl Guide Board is asking 30,000 of its members to suggest how that Promise and Law could be amended to appeal to a greater range of girls. It has been suggested that God and Queen could vanish!

If you are like me a male, blessed with age, a Republican and an atheist to boot, you could say this topic is not relevant to me — so why mention it?

There is a good reason. This is an incremental step towards an improved culture; it is an abandonment of the ritualistic jingoism that was appropriate in the last century.

Many of us would be frustrated by the lack of political progress made by our current politicians towards a Republic. Then something like this happens and you start to fantasise. Did Julia belong to the Girl Guides? Would she join now? .... wait .... Julia is in Parliament not the Girl Guides.

Yes, that is where she is. Did she promise to do her best and serve God and the Queen? You bet! Politicians, Federal, State and Municipal, make similar promises like the Girl Guides, give or take a few words.

You might ask: if the Girl Guides are considering changes to ditch the Queen when will our politicians find the same courage?

“I Promise to do my best...”.

Is this it?

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