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The National Australia Talibank

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 Tess Lawrence: forcibly removed from her home — which was still under legal contest.

On 19 July 2012, the National Australia Bank unleashed the full force of its Black Ops hit squad on IA contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence, forcing their way into her property and illegally evicting her from her home at 9 Herbert St, Northcote, Victoria.

It was the National Australia Talibank at its most fluid gangland thuggery, a squalid underbelly with which it has an intimate relationship, despite the ridiculous posture of innocence affected by its CEO Cameron Clyne.

Given that the NAB has no doubt learned the tricks of their treacherous trade from Muammar Gadaffi, one of their late but favourite celebrity terrorist clients and Interpol pin-up boy, the raid was executed by a small army of NAB's flunkies and what Professor Evan Jones rightly calls “bottom feeders” — an armoury of receivers, bankruptcy trustee, film crew, security personnel, cleaners and packers, drivers, surveillance crew and others. Moreover, the entire posse either entirely refused to identify themselves or would provide only a first name. Or a grunt.

They were aided and abetted by duplicitious uniformed officers from the Sherriff's Department, who – like their colleagues above – in this operation, considered themselves above the law and certainly without use for the legal or other protocols associated with due process and the requirements of State, Federal and Commonwealth law and jurisdictions in these matters — disallowing Lawrence a call to the city headquarters of the Sherriff, to whom she had written and from whom she is still awaiting a response.

The Sherriff and the Office has been unsuccessfully endeavouring to ameliorate its Stalinist approach to the State's dirty work and only recently its knuckleheaded stupidity was exposed in Court and sanity restored when Justice Peter Vickery overturned the sale of a house in Braybrook for $1,000.

This didn't chasten the Sherriff's office in the slightest, who retaliated against having their authority publicly undermined with a blitz  on collecting car fines and clamping wheels.

Lawrence's home, ironically used as a safe house for victims of domestic violence, will be illegally auctioned tomorrow by stealth — bids to be made in a sealed envelope and delivered to Brace Estate Agents by 5pm.
Tess Lawrence's home, advertised in the Fairfax press today.

All buyers are on notice that this and Lawrence's other property and all possessions are also under legal challenge and is under a sine die adjournment in the Court of Appeal, Victoria.

The sine die adjournment, oddly, is not noted online. And yet it was granted in court and is cited in the court transcript.

Lawrence alleges that the NAB is unlawfully and unethically withholding this evidence from potential buyers.

The now homeless Lawrence asserts that this property, like her portfolio and possessions, are now deemed to be stolen goods  and that anyone buying or selling these are trading in stolen goods, and that any such traffic is the responsibility of the NAB and its agents and representatives.

In the coming days, Independent Australia will reveal an explosive series of articles based on Lawrence's long-time investigations into the National Australia Bank and its corrupt, fraudulent and unconscionable conduct.

We will provide evidence and join the dots in a story so contaminated with criminal activity and cover up, that you will feel unclean even reading it.

The National Australia Bank, more than any of the Gang of Four, according to Lawrence, wields the most power in the Courts.

We will speak truth to power.

That fistula of power includes the NAB, the court system, the justice system, the regulators, judges, police, the Media, the Sherriff, the bankrupty trustees, the receivers, the estate agents, the lawyers, and the bottom feeders — and here Lawrence also ranks the men in suits at the top, since they ultimately preside over this rancid pile of collusion.

Lawrence will send Victoria Police and the Federal Police a brief of evidence on the NAB's fraud and corruption – and the other matters raised in the series, including money laundering by gangland figures, terrorists, and despotic regimes – and drug taking in Australian sport.


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Lawrence is only too aware that her story, sadly, is merely commonplace now in Australia and acknowledges that behind the statistics are human beings who will never get the chance to have their stories of brutality by the banks heard inside or outside Court. This series is dedicated to them.

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