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Hannah Middleton

  • Dr Hannah Middleton was born in 1942 in England.

    From 1960-61, she was Mayoress, London Borough of Greenwich.

    In 1972, she completed her Ph.D. on Aboriginal land rights (12 months with Gurindji at Dagu Ragu).

    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain. Member; arrested during “Committee of 100” civil disobedience campaigns; participated in annual Aldermaston to London peace marches (1958-1965)

    Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition.  Founding member (1986) and national spokesperson (from 1988 to present). The AABCC is a national coalition of Australian organisations which researches, produces information about and campaigns against the foreign military installations (primarily the 30 United States bases) on Australian soil.

    Responsible (with others) for AABCC submissions to government enquiries, research for articles, leaflets, conference papers, etc. Arrested during protest at US military facility at Nurrungar in South Australia (1991).

    Active in the formation (2007) of the International Network against Foreign Military Bases, embracing 40 countries.

    Pacific. Involved in AABCC work to develop relations between peace groups across the Asia-Pacific region. Work done with groups in Fiji, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and Kanaky. In 2007 involved in bringing 2 activists from Hawai’I to Australia for the Talisman Sabre protests.

    1996  Arrested for occupying Prime Minister Keating’s office in an East Timor protest.

    In 2008 awarded the Quakers Donald Groom Fellowship to bring two indigenous Chamoru from Guam to Australia for a speaking tour.

    Blue Paper Project. Initiator and Convenor (1993 to present).The Project is a national initiative which was established in 1993. It represents over 60 peace, environmental, religious, trade union, women's and political groups from across Australia. The Project conducts research and works to inform and stimulate community discussion about our country's security and foreign policies.

    In 2008 initiated a campaign to encourage peace and other groups around Australia to send submissions to and participate in the community consultations on the new Rudd Government’s Defence White Paper.

    Anti-militarism. Involved in organising campaigns against war games (Talisman Sabre) and in the production of submissions, leaflets and radio programs criticizing the growing militarisation in Australia.

    Star Wars. Appointed Stop Star Wars campaigner for the AABCC. Involved in research and preparation of articles, leaflets and bulletins. Currently involved in writing and producing a DVD on Star Wars, funded by the Mercy Foundation. Australian representative on the Board of the Global Network against Weapons in Space.

    Campaign against the arms trade. Activist (research, producing information, media work and non-violent direct action); in the Stop AIDEX campaign in 1989 and 1991 against Australian involvement in the arms trade; arrested for "breach of the peace" in 1991 campaign

    In 2008 activist in the campaign to stop the Australia Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition to be held in Adelaide in November. APDSE cancelled in September!

    Bring the Frigates Home Coalition. Founding member and full time worker for this campaign against the Gulf War (1991-2). Worked on the campaign against US sanctions against Iraq, then during the invasion of Iraq active in the leadership of the Walk Against the War Coalition. Then became Co-Convenor of the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition.

    Peace Prize. With Denis Doherty, given the inaugural community peace award by the University of Sydney’s Sydney Peace Foundation.

    Sydney Peace Foundation. Worked for six years until April 2012 as Executive Officer of the Sydney Peace Foundation at the University of Sydney. The Foundation awards the Sydney Peace Prize, Australia’s only international prize for peace.

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