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Ash Ghebranious

  • Ash Ghebranious is a political tragic.

    This should not be confused with the current Abbott Government, which is a political tragedy.

    Ash's Interest in politics came by accident when he realised that channel 10 were telecasting Judge Judy reruns.

    Ash used to work with computers, but then he got better.

    He tried his hand at acting, but soon discovered that you need more than just your hand and settled with a bit part in Superman Returns instead. Although his scene mostly hit the cutting room floor, he did make the trading cards and, before he could become the next Russell Crowe, he instead opted to give away acting to help care for his folks who are well into their 80s in the hope they will leave him everything when they shuffle off this mortal coil. He is still waiting.

    Ash is fiercely loyal to anyone who likes cats. He drives a cheap car.

    He has no real journalistic skills, but then neither does Andrew Bolt. Ash has been telling himself that he will write a great novel for over 10 years now.

    He pretends to know stuff while secretly Googling on another webpage to look things up.

    One day, Ash says he may get off his butt and go direct another play, as he liked that and it paid more than acting.

    Ash loves to watch movies and take short walks on the beach (long walks are way too much work).

    Read more by Ash at ashghebranious.wordpress.com or follow him on Twitter @AshGhebranious.

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