Aneeta Menon

  • Aneeta Menon is finding ways to utilise her higher education degrees to minimise the angst of a never-ending HECS debt. She has written for local, community and international outlets. After finishing her Masters’ in Visual Culture, Aneeta undertook a break from writing about representation and inequality in Australian media in order to wait for the world to become a better place. 

    It didn’t, so she re-joined the effort. 

    Professionally, Aneeta works in the learning and development of adults (who can’t be given detention), and in her spare time, she combats the craving to complete a PhD in cultural studies,  fails to water her plants and (most of the time) unashamedly awaits the next episode of Pretty Little Liars. 

    Aneeta has a dog who is mostly a cat. 

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