Equal Australia Party challenging old politics at next federal!

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Equal Australia Party

IA believes we are short-changed by the 2-party system, delivering village idiots rather than village elders. In line with our policy to support independents, IA would like to introduce you to the Equal Australia Party.

LIKE MANY people, I have become increasingly disillusioned with the current state of Australian politics.

Unlike many people, I have decided that it is time for someone to attempt to correct the direction we have taken and move us towards a better option with better outcomes for all Australians. To do this, I am attempting to create a new political party to contest the next Federal election nationally.

I would ask that you look at the attached links to my website and Facebook page to see what you think of us and our policies; and if you, too, believe that we are heading in a positive direction, then I ask that you register with our party.

We are currently attempting to get the required 500 registered members to complete our AEC registration, and your support would help us immensely in this goal.

The Equal Australia Party stands for one thing — Australia

For its citizens, its sovereign lands, its environment, its fauna, and its flora. 

To advance our nations interests in all fields of endeavor and to provide all Australians the opportunities and benefits commensurate with living in a world leading economy.

Village elders or village idiots? Your choice!

We intend to achieve this through adopting world’s best practices and, where required, by developing our own. 

Our priority is to bring honesty, clarity, and accountability back into our political and social structure that has increasingly been forgotten.

Our goal is to reform the existing political system — to remove greed and personal gain from the underlying agenda for those in power for the benefit of this country and its people both now and in the future.

We want the Australian people to have an active, ongoing input into the matters that define Australia and its behaviours, and to participate in the implementation of the agreed actions.

We represent our nation’s future – our children – to ensure we leave this country in the hands of capable, responsible people who understand the importance of both our own existing roles and their own future roles and responsibilities to the generations yet to come.

The link to the Equal Australia website and our policies is:


The link to the Equal Australia Facebook page is:


The future of our great country is in each and every one of our hands . We strongly believe that now is the time for a new party to direct our country in striving towards the future and that we – the Equal Australia Party – are exactly that. 

We believe our policies will offer hope to those who are our next generation of leaders and that they will come to see that their votes are their hopes for the future — and their key to it.

Please feel free to look over our website or our Facebook page and contact us —  or even register with us! We appreciate all feedback and suggestions. it is what we need to grow and develop into the type of party you will be proud to support.


Alan Howell

Founder, Equal Australia Party


Note: If you are interested in running as an independent, check out IA’s ‘resource for independents’!

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Equal Australia Party challenging old politics at next federal!

IA believes we are short-changed by the 2-party system, delivering village idiots ...  
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