The Scott Morrison ‘protection racket’ prevarication

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Arrogant, evasive, dishonest and now with blood on his hands: Scott Morrison has shown he cannot be trusted to responsibly and fairly administer the vital immigration portfolio. He must go. (Image via facebook.com/pages/We-Say-Yes-to-Asylum-Seekers-in-Australia)

It is hard to believe a man killed inside a guarded compound can be thought to be killed outside it, asserts Bob Ellis — but that is what Scott Morrison would have us believe.

IT IS HARD TO IMAGINE how a dead man, throat-cut and head-stomped into the afterlife in a walled compound, can be thought to have been killed outside it.

Yet Scott Morrison says this mistake was made.

The ambulance men will have picked up the body, and adjacent bits of it, in a particular place, and will have said where that particular place was in their hospital report and this detail would have been clear to the Minister and his advisors by Monday night.

But S&M would have us think it was not the prison guards, but “rogue elements” of the surrounding citizenry, responding to unwarranted levels violence by a heathen Islamicist escapee, were the ones who did it, in a close-fought battle with a raging fanatic outside the prison walls — adjacent savages not in his employ.

But no, no, no, no, it was otherwise. As Morrison revealed last night, after the newspaper deadline:

It was a death in custody, involving more than one guard and more than a dozen wounds, the more lethal involving stompings on the head.

So we now must hypothesise, if I have got this right, that it was more than one murderer Morrison covered up for – unwittingly, no doubt unwittingly – and kept on his payroll ‘administering’ the witnesses for six more days before he noticed they were murderers, and then ... kept them on the payroll, as before.

It cannot be otherwise adduced, if we follow this hypothesis, but that he has acted, and is acting, as the complicit accomplice of protectors ‒ the protection racket, you might say ‒ of murderers.

And it must be said that he impeded the course of justice whilesoever he employed those witness-menacing murderers and did not put them in a part of the compound where they could do no harm — to the witnesses or each other.

The Senate should look into this, on Tuesday.

He should be made to say why he covered up the details of a murder for so long. And when he knew what he admitted last night and for what purpose he concealed it.

And whether or not Reza Barati was a genuine refugee.

Read also Scott Morrison and the Manus Island murder, by the same author.

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