The Perrett complaint

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MP Graham Perrett complained in December about the Coalition trying to bring down the Government, but the Federal Police say — all in good time. Ross Jones comments.


On Friday 22nd of February 2013 , I spoke with Graham Perrett, MP.

Those following the Ashbygate matter will recall that on 21 December 2012, Mr Perrett wrote to the AFP requesting a formal criminal investigation
‘…to determine whether Mr Brough, Ms Bishop, Mr Pyne, Mr McArdle, Mr Ashby, Ms Doane and/or any others, have committed any criminal offences’.

On 22 February, Mr Perrett advised that, apart from confirmation the request had been received, he had received no further word from the AFP.

That’s two months.

Compare this to the alacrity with which the AFP went in pursuit of Peter Slipper’s alleged 2010 Commonwealth credit card rort.

The bloodhounds!

Of course, the AFP had better evidence in the hire-car matter, evidence provided by News Limited and therefore to be acted on schnell! Papieren bitte!

Mr Perrett’s apparently pissweak ‒ yet curiously intellectually rigorous ‒ letter setting out a strong prima facie case becomes a mere bagatelle once the Dirty Digger’s fly is unzipped.

This is getting spooky.

The AFP are getting seriously hard about $337, but ignoring a well-reasoned allegation of serious criminal allegations.

Political conspiracy.


We have no idea about the worth, or otherwise, of the charges against Mr Slipper — but we do have ideas about the relative application of the AFP’s supposedly-scarce resources in these budget-straitened times.


Sydney airport, under the jurisdiction of the AFP, is supposedly awash with corrupt customs officials and airside-approved staff. Peter Slipper, $377. Happened three years ago. Minchin protocol ignored.

News’ gloating gives the game away:
‘If found guilty, Mr Slipper could be forced to exit Parliament….’

I’m not going to name the journo because it doesn’t matter.

If my dots are anything like your dots then they join in a most uncomfortable manner:

AFP. News. LNP.

I refer you to Jacksonville.

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