The Commonwealth Tournée and the two families

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The 23rd Commonwealth Tournée begins today in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and will end on Sunday. Dr George Venturini's latest research looks at this event in the context of two well-known families.

THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from Dr Venturini’s opening paragraphs:

After the seriatim farce of the Commowealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia in 2011, the Commonwealth of Nations will gather this month in Sri Lanka to celebrate with a military, corrupt regime steeped in cronyism, conflict, 'structural genocide' and crimes the 'shared values' set down in the Commonwealth Charter which protects a total of sixteen core beliefs from democracy, human rights, separation of powers, rule of law and good governance to freedom of expression, tolerance, access to health, education, food and shelter in a civil society.

The essay concludes:

The hallucinating monarchist Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be in Colombo and prostrate himself before the forever heir pretender to power and privilege: Prince Charles.

By then ‘the Palace’ sycophants will have drafted some inane phrases with which Charlie will close the proceedings amongst lavish, phantasmagorical light-and-sound numbers.

And the Commonwealth of Nations will have delivered its ‘shared values’ to the hands of Mahinda Rajapaksa & Co.

Meanwhile Australia will continue ‘to transport’ Sri Lankan asylum seekers back —  towards ‘white vanning’, gaoling, torturing and death.

To find out what Dr Venturini says in between, click here to download the 92 page essay as a PDF.

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