Steven Ciobo and 'cold-blooded murder'

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New Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Steven Ciobo, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the Gold Coast light rail on the weekend (Image via @SteveCiobo)

The grandmaster of hyperbole, Moncrief MP Steven Ciobo, has called the Parramatta shooting by a 15-year-old "cold-blooded murder". Bob Elllis says, 'give me a break'.

Newly installed Turnbull minister Steven Ciobo called the shooting of an accountant in Parramatta by a 15-year-old

"cold-blooded murder". 

No greater misuse of the English language is possible.

Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad was committing suicide – and he knew it – by thus exposing himself to armed men. Can anyone do this cold-bloodedly? Suicide cold-bloodedly? Really?

I tire of the hysteria pumped up by fools around this incident. By Saturday, another teenager, cyberbullied, will have suicided. By November, a further teenager will have beaten his mother to death. By Christmas, 50 teenagers will have died in car accidents. Is death one way more serious than another?

Death is death. I nearly died in June. My sister died when hit by a car 60 years ago. Civilians bombed by Putin’s planes died on the weekend. Four hundred children died when firebombed by Netanyahu a year ago.

Why overrate one form of death? The grief of parents is as great. If it’s death by red-back spider-bite, the loss is as great; death by cricket ball on a high school oval, death by drowning in a backyard pool. Katrina Dawson was shot 22 times by cops, and will be sorely missed, by her little kids and her parents, and her killers given medals for their bravery. And this isn’t fair, it isn’t fair, not fair at all, but there you go.

How does one respond to this "event" — the killing of a Chinese accountant by a suicidal Muslim teenager? Well, it’s the one single ‘terrorist’ act on our soil in a 100 years, and I wouldn’t overrate it if I were you. Mad people kill innocents quite frequently. Kids crazed by Ice do. Men left by their women do. Cops pursuing car thieves do.

So what are we talking about? An event. A rogue event. An incident. An unpredicted, unpredictable psychotic incident, quickly avenged, on the spot, by a fusillade of bullets, soon over.

But…"a cold-blooded murder"? A cause for national self-interrogation? Or national remorse? A reason to end the freedom of movement of suspected Muslim teenage Semites?

Give me a break.

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