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Post-Capitol attack, the threat of violence haunts trigger-happy U.S.

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American conservative political commentator and host of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' on Fox News (Image | Wikimedia Commons)

Anyone shocked by the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 will find recent comments posted on Fox News articles enlightening.

Some comments contain threats of the use of guns should the government try to infringe on people’s perceived rights.

The quotes cited in this IA article are unedited comments from readers of a column written by polemicist, Tucker Carlson, headlined: 'COVID internment camps, coming soon to a country near you'.

The column alleges:

'Fail a COVID test and they’ll lock you up without trial.'

Carlson, who seems to be the USA equivalent of Alan Jones, was talking about Canadian quarantine hotels for travellers entering the country.

Australians have largely accepted national measures to deal with COVID-19 but many readers of Tucker’s column were horrified by the concept.

Here are eight such comments, all unedited:

  • 'Thank God for the 2nd amendment. If someone wants to take my family to a "camp" they are gonna need more than one van.'
  • 'They wouldn't take my neighbors we have a very strong anti dimocrat [sic] community who will use our second amendment rights against a tyrannical government!'
  • 'One more reason to keep your loaded firearm handy. Thank God we have the second amendment.'
  • 'I will not comply you want me come get me but remember who and what I did in the USMC. 24 years and a ton of combat deployments.'
  • 'During the fourth quarter of 2019, I purchase my first firearm for self defense. Just before the lockdowns, I took an Enhanced Conceal Carry class and spent significant time on the range learning how to use my weapon. I live in a very rural area in a very red state so I haven't even thought about carrying until this week. This week Joe literally opened our back door to anyone who wants to come to America - we have no idea of who is coming. Now we learn that Canada is running prison camps and Joe's government is thinking about making people get vaccine passports (papers) in order to travel anywhere in the U.S. You know what? It's time to start carrying. The Nazi's [sic] need to start seeing what we're made of. This is the exact time in Hitler's regime when he could have been stopped. Are we going to lay down or resist?'
  • 'If you are talking about ILLEGAL immigration only our stupid demoncrats [sic] are doing any inviting. Where Im [sic] from they are limbering up their firearms.'
  • 'Let me put it this way...They [sic] day one man decides what to inject into my body, (when I wake up) whomever in eyesight dies that day.'
  • 'It depends on how much of the military sides with. They could split down the middle with some conservative field commanders breaking away from those Obama and Biden appointees. Yes, there are liberal generals in the Pentagon, believe it. Trump should have purged them all out.'

And one more comment (edited) from someone who says we have personal freedom problems in Australia:

'The scary part is that if you want to get away from one Party Democrat tyranny, there is absolutely nowhere to flee to anymore … Australia has their own problems with decreased freedoms.'

Steve Bishop is a journalist and author. You can read more from Steve at stevebishop.net

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