Moneyed interests control the Coalition Government

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Scott Morrison is heavily influenced by Liberal Party donors, one might conclude (screenshot via YouTube).

How do we deal with what is happening in Australia right now?

Currently, we have a Prime Minister that, in relation to our economic woes, says

"A panicked reaction to contemporary challenges would amount to a serious misdiagnosis of our economic situation." 

He says this while many Australians are struggling to pay bills and put a roof over their heads, feed their families or buy a decent present for their kids at Christmas.

Australia is stuck with stagnant wages, hundreds of thousands are unemployed and underemployed, we have the highest household debt in the world and we have over half a trillion in gross government debt.

Morrison accuses the Labor Party of being melodramatic for pointing out these facts. But if we look at the reality of the situation, it might be compared to ignoring an out of control train coming straight at you.

Five states are burning before summer has even begun, meanwhile Morrison says there's no link between climate change and the ferocity of these fires that we're enduring.

After doing his best to escape any questioning on the links between climate change and the fires that have consumed well over a million hectares of our land he finally showed his face to offer his "thoughts and prayers", which amounts to very little in terms of action.

It would be a waste of time to think that our Pentecostal Prime Minister would act on climate change as it goes against his Church's core belief that we are living in the end days of God's preordained plan to take his chosen off into heaven as He scorches the planet to purify it.

This isn't a slight against all religious people: Father Maguire, Father Bower, Mother Theresa and many others have put the welfare of all people before their own interest and profits.

Another reason for his little-to-no-action on climate change is that our PM desires to live out his earthly time with wealth and in comfort. This is achieved by obeying the wishes of the Liberal Party's good friends and largest donors, the fossil fuel industry.

When you understand who works in Morrison's office and the people that truly hold the reins of power in the Australian Government, you get an idea of the behemoth that we face to bring about change to the current situation.

Greenpeace's video, "Dirty Power: Big Coal's network of influence over the Coalition Government" is eye-opening stuff.

When 11,000 scientists declare that climate change is a reality and it is happening now, when you see the crazy extreme weather events occurring almost on a daily basis worldwide, you have to ask why isn't our Government doing anything about it?  

Keep in mind this is just the Prime Minister’s office; so many other Government ministers' offices are staffed by ex-fossil fuel industry folk.

The sad truth of our current situation is that we have a Government that governs for big business, media moguls and fossil fuel donors. It's led by a Prime Minister that lies and denies climate change.

Who is really pulling the strings?

Grant Turner has a strong interest in politics and fairness in society and believes in honest independent media. 

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