Margaret Thatcher divisive in death — unsavoury attacks and celebrations

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Margaret Thatcher is as controversial in death as she was in life. The response to her death, by some, has been disappointing. Matthew N. Donovan explains.

I ADMIT to being a little shocked and disappointed by the vitriol being meted out by some on the progressive side of politics towards a recently deceased Margaret Thatcher, both on the streets of the UK and online.

I am no fan of her actions in government. Far from it.

She was a force to be reckoned with, especially when it came to unions and the idea of the collective. Her actions, to many, meant unemployment and a loss of quality of life.

Entire areas, most specifically areas such as Brixton, which were very much working class communities, were smashed to pieces by her unyielding approach. However, it is unpleasant to see people celebrate the death of anyone.

This isn't how progressives should behave. Our values lead us to be better than that. Better people than that.

I'm not saying we should mourn or fawn over her in death.

We should however have respect for her place in history and her will to achieve her vision at all costs.

That's politics. One side wins and they set about implementing their agenda. The opportunity to have a say about that agenda is given to electors every election where they pass judgment on where the country is heading.

Civility needs to remain part of politics no matter how one feels personally about the program being implemented by leaders or proposed to be implemented.

Tony Abbott is a perfect example of not remaining civil in politics and that is why many truly despise his approach.

One thing that does ring alarm bells for me is Tony Abbott's statement on her passing and how he views her approach and legacy:

"Margaret Thatcher was one of the greatest British prime ministers and one of the most significant world leaders of our times.


She was the first female prime minister of Great Britain and ranks with the greatest of prime ministers because of the quality of her leadership and the impact she had on Britain and the wider world.


Margaret Thatcher arrested the decline of Britain and gave the British people renewed confidence. She ensured the British people no longer simply dwelt on the glories of the past but could enjoy a strong and prosperous future.


The thoughts of the Coalition are with Baroness Thatcher's family and the British people at this time."

It is instructive of how he would lead this country and where he would take us.

The reason for disappointment about the response of some people is because it reminds me of the actions and words of nasty, repulsive trolls on anti-Gillard pages.

We can express our opinions without personal, vitriolic attacks. We're smarter than that.

She was a divisive figure and there is no doubting that.

Many would have preferred she was never prime minister and are distressed by the impact her policies had on numerous communities.

The level of hate towards her, even in death, brings that into sharp focus.

When all is said and done a human being has died and there is a family mourning the loss of a loved relative.

Dancing on her grave during that time is an ugly look.  
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