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More highly charged revelations about former HSU king-pin Kathy Jackson and her cronies have been uncovered by ace investigating blogger Peter Wicks.

Kathy Jackson
Former HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson

IT'S BEEN quite a while since I ventured down the dusty windy road that leads to Jacksonville, but someone needed to travel down this treacherous path again and we all know the Murdoch press won't be making a bee-line for it.

Since we last looked into things, the three main branches have been humming along nicely without the influence of the Jackson's and Michael Lawler, or the thuggery and standover tactics of Marco Bolano.

The new secretaries in Victoria have been able to run the branches like unions again. You know, looking after workers rights and improving their conditions, rather than fighting over who could spend the members money on themselves the fastest and taking each other to court for internal squabbles that normal people could have sorted out with a drink and a handshake.

In NSW, Michael Williamson is still waiting for his day in court, so there is not a lot to report on that front. The union in NSW is making good progress under Gerard Hayes who, despite all the finger-pointing and histrionics by Kathy Jackson and her Sydney finger puppet Katrina Hart, has run a clean ship without any interference from factions.

Craig Thomson is doing the job he was elected to do, looking after the good people of Dobell. Although I'm sure, in the background, those like Eric Abetz and George Brandis are racking their brains for new ways to put his face on the front pages of the Murdoch press again.

Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler

There are two messages that are possibly being sent to us via Victoria Police, if this is indeed the case.

If you are into committing fraud, best you move to Victoria as, under Coalition rule, it is open season. The cops don't have the resources to investigate you, and someone else will have to hand the evidence to police gift wrapped on a silver service tray with a ribbon around it before the police will down their donuts and get off their collective asses to do anything.

The other message is that, under the guidance of the Coalition, the Victorian Police Force are quite possibly as corrupt as a Middle Eastern dictator. Cases will be investigated or shelved depending on political pressure. The person suspected of being the main offender in what could be one of Australia's largest ever fraud cases is still living the high life and is even being allowed to leave the country — possibly all because of the family she is marrying into and her Coalition buddies.

Whichever message is the right one, I will be staying on the case until something is done.

In order to help out the Police and whoever else is interested I have created a Jacksonville Resource Page here which has links to all of the primary evidence I have managed to uncover. I have loaded it all onto the page so it is easily accessible, in one convenient location, and can be downloaded by anyone. I will update it as more evidence comes to light.

To the union members out there, keep your chins up, you have some good people looking out for you now, and I for one will chase your allegedly stolen funds until you have them back so they can be used to further your interests, not feather someone else's nest.

I just hope the Victorian Police have the guts to do the same.

(Get up to date on the full Jacksonville saga by clicking here.)

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