Jacksonville 35: Another failed fishing expedition

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More vindication at Jacksonville, as the FWA’s fishing expedition against Craig Thomson’s nets nothing more than a soggy boot. Peter Wicks reports.

Tony Abbott has struck out again, this time over Craig Thomson.

AT FIRST it was easy; a slush fund was set up to smear, attack and destroy Pauline Hanson.

All was going well, Pauline was in gaol, until her damned innocence got in the way and she was released.

Next off the hook was Peter Slipper.

After having the audacity to attend his wedding, the Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott claimed “no specific knowledge”, as his Party set out to destroy yet another life. While Mal Brough and the man he will always be tied to, James Ashby, set out to humiliate a defiant Slipper, the goon squad of Abbott, Pyne, Brandis and Abetz cheered and egged them on. Once again, however, Abbott’s victim proved innocent, and Tony’s plan was chalked up as another epic failure.

Yesterday, Abbott knocked up a hat-trick.

Long-term Abbott target Craig Thomson – the subject of probably more smear than any politician in recent memory – was once again vindicated for the umpteenth time.

With such questionable evidence, totally unreliable witnesses, and slanderous claims with an obvious motivation, many countries would describe a group that attempts the above manipulations of the legal system as a crime ring.

In Australia, we call them the Coalition.

Yesterday in Federal Court, the results of the subpoenas sent out by Fair Work Australia were released.

These were the subpoenas that were going to produce the evidence that was once again going to nail Craig Thomson. There was going to be brothel footage, hookers lining up to say they knew Craig, receipts, phone calls, credit cards (with names correctly spelt!) and everything Abbott and Abetz had been drooling over since becoming best buddies with union turncoat Kathy Jackson.

Merry Christmas Craig Thomson and family.
Merry Christmas Craig Thomson and family.

Alas, in what came as a monumental shock to virtually nobody, the subpoenas turned up diddly squat. More taxpayer money well spent. Thank you, Mr Abbott.

Some say it was the talk of men in robes that attracted him there, but whatever the reason, the morally bankrupt and socially retarded Piers Ackerman was in court to witness the further vindication of Craig Thomson, it will be interesting to see his take on the finding of no evidence.

After all of this, I wonder if Tony Abbott is starting to regret taking the words of Kathy Jackson as the "gospel truth".

Many would say Kathy is showing herself to be about as noble as a naked Catholic priest in a confession booth, her motives about as pure as yellow snow and, as a person, she seems about as genuine as a $10 Rolex purchased at a Bangkok market. Despite all of this, Abbott sings her praises in Federal Parliament, saying she is a Joan of Arc figure was worthy of admiration. When the Victoria Police investigation into her is over, she may possibly be the most admired woman on Cell Block H. I wonder if Tony will bring her toothbrushes and chocolate when he visits.

For Craig Thomson and his family, this result must be welcomed before Christmas. I would say it would be a relief, however Thomson has said all along it would produce nothing, so relief is probably not the right word.

Thomson’s woes are yet another case of a desperate Opposition declaring an apparently innocent man guilty and a rabid press pack baying for blood.

In addition, we have a body with the accuser’s fiancé as second in charge, Fair Work Australia, seeking evidence after making their charges. What? Am I the only one who thinks that is putting the cart before the horse?

Thomson’s Lawyer Chris McArdle was less flattering, labelling Fair Work Australia’s actions as “idiotic”, and comparing the subpoenas to a fisherman pulling in a net with nothing in it except for an old boot.

He described it all as “an appalling episode”.

I couldn’t agree more.

In other related news, Jackson stooge and union bully boy, Marco Bolano will discover his fate shortly. Indications suggest he may be getting some bad news…

Touching wood.


It has been brought to my attention that Piers Ackerman was not in attendance at the Federal Court when the subpoena’s in the Fair Work Australia case against Craig Thomson were shown to have produced not even the remotest skerrick of evidence. This mistake was mine, and I apologise if I have upset the man who has claimed that dumb women support Julia Gillard. With attitudes such as this, I can understand why a man of such high moral fibre may have been upset.


It turns out it was Pia Ackerman, the daughter of Piers who was in attendance. I clearly misheard the name due to the howls of derisive laughter in the background over the foolishness of another right-wing witch-hunt gone wrong.

Peter Wicks


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