BREAKING NEWS: IA sources reveal former HSU boss Michael Williamson will face additional charges from Strikeforce Carnarvon when he appears in court tomorrow to face the original 20 charges. Peter Wicks reports.

Former HSU East general secretary, Michael Williamson[/caption]

TOMORROW MORNING, when  Michael Williamson heads into court to face the music, expect the media circus to go into overdrive.

Williamson faces 20 charges relating to hindering a police investigation, and allegations of destruction of evidence. These are the initial charges and we have been told by Strikeforce Carnarvon all along that there is more to come ― and there are the much talked about five people of interest.

It is hoped tomorrow may shed some light, or confirm some rumours, around those people of interest.

One thing's for sure, though ― we can expect Kathy Jackson to come out and give us all her opinion on the five, no doubt according to Jackson they will be made up of Craig Thomson and everyone running against her factional buddy in NSW, Katrina Hart.

When it comes to hindering police investigations and destruction of evidence, Jackson should not hold her head too high, after all there have been allegations made against her regarding these things for a number of years, and it has been confirmed that she is now the subject of a major Victorian police investigation.

Sources have told Independent Australia and WixxyLeaks that there will be numerous extra charges laid on Michael Williamson tomorrow by Strikeforce Carnarvon. These charges were not expected to be laid so soon after the original 20 and are an indication that the police investigation has stepped up a notch and is progressing quickly.

I can only speculate on the makeup of the new charges tomorrow, and while it would seem likely that they may involve Canme Services, this is only one aspect of the investigation. Those looking to refresh their memory on the case against Michael Williamson, might like to review this previous post which provides an outline of allegations against him.

Whatever tomorrow brings, it will be a spectacle, of that we can be sure.

In other news relating to police charges, it appear the rumours that charges have been laid against Craig Thomson are false.

The rumour that Thomson – frustrated after so many investigations, so much finger pointing, so much harassment, as well as a police raid – eventually caved in and spat on the sidewalk so that someone could charge him with something is incorrect, apparently.

The Coalition will be hoping that if Craig ever does something, it won’t be something minor like two counts of theft and assaulting a security guard like former Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher. That doesn’t raise an eyebrow in the Coalition.

[caption id="attachment_21887" align="alignnone" width="541"] In Australia, major media organisations have become brazen political players.

In the meantime, Jackson crony Katrina Hart showed her courage in taking on Thomson’s lawyer. Hart dared Thomson to sue her for defamation and made a huge deal out of it to show how tough she is. But only after she received the backing of some nameless media organisation.
Asked by ABC News Online whether she regretted making the comment, Ms Hart replied: "No, I don't."

"I've also had media actually offer to pay for my legal fees if Craig Thomson wants to go ahead and sue me."

Ms Hart, who was encouraged to contest the HSU elections by stood-down national secretary Kathy Jackson, refused to name which media company had made the offer, but said it was not Fairfax nor the Daily Telegraph.

I didn’t know Eric Abetz was into publishing...

[Catch up on the full Jacksonville saga on our dedicated page.]

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