Jacksonville 20: A Lawler unto themselves

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Back in Jacksonville, there are more revelations about Kathy Jackson and her partner Michael Lawler’s “interesting” activities at the HSU. Of course, Peter Wicks believes it’s all just “circumstantial”.

IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION that some of the suspicions I have had regarding Michael Lawler’s involvement in the Fair Work Australia investigation into his fiancé's Union, HSU, may be “circumstantial”.

This is true, there are some things that can be put down to chance, and given that the vice president of FWA, Lawler is engaged to Kathy “Joan Of Arc” Jackson, Secretary of the Health Services Union, I guess it can be easy to jump to conclusions.

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In a remarkable coincidence, in December 2011, somebody accessed HSU’s computer network, including all of the personnel files. I suppose these things can happen; people playing silly buggers, someone accidentally hitting the keys in the right order — not that alarming, I guess.

However, to be on the safe side, a warning was given out to staff that their details may have been accessed.

The IT team, for obvious security purposes, decided to trace the user who had accessed the system from a computer that was not a HSU computer, below is a link to the details retrieved.

See the full Trace Of Unlawful Entry To HSU Network

In another one of those funny coincidences, it seems the person accessing the HSU network, and personnel files, has a computer with the client name “michael-lawlers”. Amazing.

This other random “Michael Lawler” also seemingly managed to totally fluke access onto the system, How lucky is that?!

Then, to top it all off, the access code – you know, the user name and password they fluked a guess at – just happened to be Kathy Jacksons. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Some of my critics are probably right, I’m sure this is just a coincidence. Nothing to see here folks!

In no way whatsoever, would I jump to the conclusion, that the vice president of Fair Work Australia had surreptitiously accessed the personnel files of his fiancés union during the federal investigation of his fiancés union by the organisation of which he is vice president, perhaps with the intention of influencing the outcome. Of course not. Not someone Tony Abbott himself appointed — after all Tony looks for talent in all the right places.

I’m sure it’s just another coincidence and fluke; perhaps meddling kids at play, again.

Unfortunately, there were some conspiracy theorists who thought it seemed a trifle fishy. One of those was acting general secretary of the HSU, Peter Mylan, who fired off the below letter to the President of FWA at the time, Justice Guidice.

Open the HSU Complaint to FWA re Interferance 15 Dec 2011 in PDF

I wonder if FWA followed this up?

I did not hear Jackson’s pal, Eric Abetz, ask about this at the senate committee hearings.

One of the other things mentioned in this letter is Kathy Jackson’s determination to make sure that evidence is not tampered with during the investigation. This may be why she chose to deliver boxes of documents to the FWA investigator, Terry Nassios, herself. Not to access them, tamper with them, or to remove any of them – heaven forfend! – but just to make sure that they all arrived safe and sound. Good thinking. What a good Samaritan!

Unfortunately, those “dark forces” and “conspiracy theorists” made another mistake in their opinions of Kathy’s gallant actions, which Peter also grizzles about in his letter.

Kathy Jackson: thought cleaning the computer was making it all shiny?

Kathy in her bid to aid the federal investigation by her fiancés organisation thought that much of the evidence may have been on a notebook (laptop PC) previously used by Michael Williamson. So she sent that notebook to be serviced.

I’m sure my past critics would agree with my assumption that Kathy was only trying to help. She probably thought investigators and detectives could retrieve information more easily if the notebook was serviced. It is unfortunate, however, that there was a miscommunication that ended in all of the data on the computer being erased. Oh well, these things can happen…I guess?

But again, those “dark forces” who frown on Kathy have their own wild and crazy theories.

They seem to think that Kathy must have thought there may be evidence on that PC that could incriminate her, so she had all data and evidence removed from the notebook to protect herself.


They also jump to the wild conclusion that the fact that she did this, without any approval at all is proof of her guilt. I, on the other hand, believe she was trying to have the notebook’s performance improved as a pleasant surprise — you know, kind of like an office birthday cake. How nice!

Below is a link to the job sheet from Premier Network Services:

See the Premier Network Services Job Sheet in PDF

While some may try to paint her as someone under suspicion deliberately destroying evidence of criminal behaviour during a federal investigation, I’d like to think not. I like to think these are just good deeds that have turned out to have unfortunate consequences. Bad luck!

To give you an indication of just how good, loyal, and hardworking Jackson has been at the HSU, this should be taken into account.

Regarding the entitlements that Jackson has now started receiving payment for from the administrator, it is interesting to note that there were apparently huge amounts of leave payments, and sick days owing. This just goes to show how hard Kathy worked; tirelessly, in fact, as she hardly ever had a sick day — even when there were a couple of days in day surgery that we know of. Not taking holidays is really putting the members ahead of one’s own interests and is thoroughly commendable.

Of course, there are those who will use the evidence of overseas trips, and hotel stays to say that she enjoyed plenty of leisure time. They will also say, I’m sure, that it was just another way for Jackson to bleed even more money out of the union she has put a wrecking ball through — like a vulture picking the last shreds off flesh off a bony corpse.

But for those who still doubt Jackson’s devotion, take a look at the HSU Number 3 Branch statement via the link below:

See the HSU 3 Branch Cheque Account Jan 99 in PDF

That Diners Club payment for $41,305.18 of Union members’ funds is so high because Kathy seems have purchased a car that month.

Most people would purchase a car with a cheque, cash, or bank transfer — not a Diners Club credit Card. Below is a link to the Diners Club Statement for the month of the car purchase.

See K Jackson Diners Club Jan 99 in PDF

I would be of the opinion that Kathy must have known that there was some kind of bonus for using the Diners Club card, some sort of loyalty scheme points  system, which she could them pass on to members. That would be why she set out to find a car dealer that would accept payment with a Diners Club card, surely not an easy task at all. Being a savvy shopper, the reward must have been pretty good because most businesses charge at least 1.5 per cent just to use a Diners Club card. It is great to see Kathy going the extra mile and doing all that extra shopping around with the members’ interests in mind.

Of course there are others who will think the worst. Some will consider it dodgy that she paid for a car with a Diners Club card. Others will ask whose car it is and what happened to it. Back in those days, a $38,286 car would have been a pretty flash vehicle. Despite there being so many questions over the Jacksons and cars in the past, I still like to think she is saintly in all things.

Anyway, I must go and finish my glass of single malt now.

I believe it’s still half full.

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