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IPAN calls for a fossil-free future — not war

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledges billions to our defence forces while the environment is left to suffer (Screenshot via YouTube)

A People’s Inquiry has been opened by the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) for submissions on the impact of the U.S.-Australia alliance, its costs and consequences and to canvas alternatives. Readers and contributors to Independent Australia, a proud partner of IPAN, are invited to respond and join this urgent national conversation.

A statement was provided to IA by IPAN prior to the 2021 Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) in April, calling for the Australian Government to prioritise issues such as the climate crisis over military spending:

We, the undersigned, call for a major change in government priorities in the coming 2021 Budget.

The writing is on the wall that we in Australia and countries around the world, urgently require a radical transformation of industry, transport and energy to avoid the worst of the climate crisis. With that transformation will come great opportunities for sustainable industry and ethical jobs.

Our government instead is pushing negative job creation through the manufacture of military equipment which both benefits the big weapons corporations as well as being sold to countries allegedly committing war crimes, such as Saudi Arabia.

We call on our government to prioritise spending in the upcoming Budget on the transition  to clean energy technologies and stop funding arms corporations and businesses:

  • Maureen Arnott
  • Claudia Barduhn
  • Harshini Bartlett
  • Margaret Bearlin
  • Alice Beauchamp
  • Judith Blyth
  • Annette Brownlie
  • Margid Bryn-Burns
  • Josephine Burden
  • Gill Burrows
  • Frank Burton
  • John Butcher
  • Eloise Chandler
  • Kevin Cocx
  • Nick Deane
  • Catriona Devlin
  • Mark Diesendorf
  • Denis Doherty
  • Dermot Dorgan
  • Faye Duncan
  • Marianne Ehrhardt
  • Liz Elliott
  • Jo Errey
  • Miriam Fagueret
  • Jane Fisher
  • Joyce Fraser
  • Bruce George
  • Alan Griffiths
  • Ross Gwyther
  • Sylvie Hannam
  • Margaret Hardy
  • Lenore Harrigan
  • Julie Hart
  • Malcolm Haywood
  • Roslyn Henderson
  • Michael Henry
  • Victoria Henry
  • Dale Hess
  • Colin Hesse
  • Julie Hislop
  • Patricia Hovey
  • Alexander Hromas
  • Lachlan Hurse
  • Robyn Jenkin
  • Graham Jenkin
  • Harry Johnson
  • Peter Jones
  • Helen Jordan
  • Valerie Joy
  • Kathryn Kelly
  • Kristine Klugman
  • Leonie Lundy
  • Shahnaz Martin
  • Darryl McAndrew
  • Debra McLoughlin
  • Jacqueline McPhee
  • Bernadette McPhee
  • Fergus McPherson
  • Sue Monk
  • Claude Mostowik MSC
  • Cath Mundy
  • Alan Musry
  • Ted Nixon
  • Anne Noonan
  • Beth O'Connor
  • Marion Oke
  • Trevor Omara
  • Denis Peel
  • Jonathan Pilbrow
  • Bevan Ramsden
  • Jan Reilly
  • Liz Ridley
  • Lynette Saville
  • Jacqueline Schultze
  • Helen Shearer
  • Margaret Sheppard
  • Janet Thompson
  • Josephine Tobin
  • Maureen Todhunter
  • Margaret Tonkin
  • Kellie Tranter
  • Reg Tydell
  • Eileen Whitehead
  • Peter Williams
  • Margaret Williamson
  • Ron Witton
  • Vera Yee
  • Sandra Younie
  • Lila Zanrosso
  • Annelies Zeissink

Submissions can be made through the IPAN Inquiry website via the online form.

IPAN is a network of organisations around Australia aiming to build public dialogue and pressure for change to a truly independent foreign policy for Australia — one in which our government plays a positive role in solving international conflicts peacefully.

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