Great Scott’s mad Tollgate

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Scott Morrison’s bizarre and corrupt flight to Nauru has condemned the Liberal Party to another electoral defeat, says Bob Ellis.

(Caricature by John Graham / johngraham.alphalink.com.au)

The bizarre Scott Morrison’s corrupt night flight to Nauru and what followed – an offer the smugglers couldn’t refuse – will be seen, in the twenty-two days before Parliament resumes, as a giant tapeworm devouring him and the Liberal Party.

For his offer is so good, the smugglers will wait for him to become the Minister. He is offering, like Howard, a few months’ holiday in tents on Nauru and a life in Australia. Rudd and Burke and Clare and Carr are offering life in PNG, among mosquitoes and squalor forever.  Of course, the people traffickers will wait for their friend Morrison. And the boats, till then, will not come.

They have not come for a week now. They are waiting for Scott’s New Order.

But the more they do not come, the more it will seem that Rudd and Burke and Clare and Carr have stopped them. And that will be, by October 19, election day — and the death of the Liberal Party.

For by then, their gimcrack broadband, their sabotage of Gonski, their theft of schoolkids’ money and their hundred billion black hole will be known and famed and execrated. And they will have nowhere to go. Yelling TPVs! and Toll Holdings forever! will simply not suffice.

And it will go hard with them.

No seat in Queensland will be safe now from Katter, Palmer and Labor. Broadband will secure Tasmania for Labor and Wilkie. Bennelong will fall to Jason. And then where will they be?

It will be seen that Scott Morrison ‒ his initials, S and M, suggestive of self-harm as never before ‒ is the Doctor Evatt of the Liberal Party — its mad destroyer.

And the saviour of Labor.

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