Fraser Anning: My brush with infamy

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Senator and One Nation target, Fraser Anning (Image via YouTube screenshot)

Ross Jones describes a meeting earlier this year with controversial Senator Fraser Anning, who was keen on seeking help to destroy One Nation.

FRIDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2018, 5:07 pm, I got a call from a number I didn’t recognise. The caller said his name was Boston and he worked for Senator Fraser Anning.

Boston explained he had been on the blower to former One Nation treasurer Ian Nelson, who’d suggested he call me.

Would I meet with his boss? (I later understood Boston always refers to Anning as “boss”, even face-to-face.)

Sure, why not?

Fraser gets around a bit and it turns out he was going to be in Sydney the following Sunday.

City Tatts Club? 2 pm?

No worries.

I am on time. Boston, phone to ear, is at the entrance to meet me.

I follow him through an empty club into a dining room — empty, except for two males and a female ensconced in dark leather chairs set around a low circular table.

Boston did the honours and introduced Fraser, his wife Fiona and another guy called Mitchell. My notes say he was introduced as “Major”.

Time, apparently, was of the essence so we got straight down to it.

Fraser complained that, just because he refused to stand down from the Senate and give his seat to Pauline’s darling, Malcolm Roberts, One Nation was making life hard for him.

Anning had only recently announced he would sit as an Independent and it seems the party’s hate was raw.

Fraser complained that James Ashby, via the party’s in-house legal Peter Breen, had been sending defamation letters.

How could this be? If Breen worked for Burston, why was he acting for Ashby? Isn't that a conflict?

Anning’s indignation appeared heartfelt.

His defiance was equally strong. No way would he bend to Ashby.

All five of us discussed Ashby’s modus operandi for a while and his likely next move if Anning just ignored him.

Fraser then expressed a strong desire to destroy the credibility of One Nation by exposing the truth of the party’s finances to a group of people he referred to as  “rubes”.

Anning said he and Hanson were old mates. He claims his memory goes back to Pauline’s alleged relationship with open fundraising buckets right up to her more mature alleged relationship with the Bank of Queensland.

Turned out, of course, Anning had no substance to put on any of the many allegations he made about Pauline and One Nation — or none he would provide to me anyway.

If Anning was hoping I would provide some much-needed expertise to his vengeance venture he was wrong.

So we both – together with Boston, Fiona and Major Mitchell – left the meeting empty-handed.

Apart from two bright spots.

Firstly, Fraser reckons that Pauline only flies economy, because James – a mere staffer – can only fly economy and insists she does too, because he cannot control a conversation if he is not there and, let’s face it, Pauline could do anything.

And secondly, I sold them a copy of Ashbygate! Cash!

You gotta love the Right.

Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones is a licensed private enquiry agent the author of 'Ashbygate: The Plot to Destroy Australia's Speaker'. You can follow Ross on Twitter @RPZJones.

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