Democracy rally at SA Parliament House Weds 18 August

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If you support Independent and honest democracy and find yourself in Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon, come down to Parliament House for an event being organized by Independent Senate candidate and democracy activist Mark Aldridge.

Independent Senate candidate and democracy activist, Mark Aldridge

CALLING ALL patriots and minor party or Independent candidates, are you sick of the two-horse race of Gillard versus Abbott?

Are voters always phoning you to ask what you stand for, or even worse, do they simply have no idea of their democratic choices?

The result of a Federal election should the result of the free will of an informed electorate. Any budding candidate should lose only because they are the least preferred, not because no one knows they even exist.

Full preferential voting is reliant on adequate information; we can’t have one without the other.

The saying: “A vote for a minor or Independent is a wasted vote” is like the two party system in general: spin to ensure the big parties win.

South Australia's Parliament House

We must demand honest democracy:

  • A true and accurate booklet on how to vote, who is running and what they stand for should be made available to every household.

  • Postal ballot applications should only be returned to the Australian Electoral Commission, not to party head quarters.

  • Optional preferential voting is what the people want, so it should be the law.

  • Media headlines like “We have all the information on the federal election” is false advertising if it only contains information on to the two leaders who are chosen, and dismissed, by their parties.

  • Polls should not be restricted to Labor and Liberal; they should honestly reflect people's views.

  • Accountability for election promises should be made mandatory and enforced.

  • We, as candidates and voters, deserve nothing less than honest and equitable democracy. Let's unite to demand a fair go for all Australians.

    I would like every candidate group to be represented, with 3 minutes allotted to each to speak on your views of honest democracy.

    Contact Mark M Aldridge on 08 8284 7482, 0403 379 500 or aldridgemark@bigpond.com

    Bring all your supporters, signs and placards, arrive from 2.30pm onwards.

    Mark M Aldridge
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Democracy rally at SA Parliament House Weds 18 August

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