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Tess Lawrence says she is barracking for Clive Palmer – and Julian Assange and Bob Katter – in the next Federal election.

by contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence
by contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence

I AM BARRACKING for Clive of IndieA in the Federal election.

Every cholestoral-laden pollie-unsaturated fatty kilo of him.

There is something endearing and compelling about Clive.

Something that Australians like.

He is a lean politician.

What you see is what you get. A self-made man-mountain who shoves it up the anal political retentiveness of the establishment. What's not to love?

We've had a gutful of lobbyist, advisor-led government and governance and their putrid vested interest.

We're sick of  their 'no comment' mentality.

Politicians have no right to 'no comment'.  They are employed by the people, elected by the people.

They are our servants not our masters. They act as if they are our masters. Their press secretaries are their master's voice. They are nonsensical and ineffectual in their self-importance.

This current Parliament has been nothing but a farce, save for Nicola Roxon's valiant and courageous stance against international tobacco that has led the world in its defiance and pro-health legal and societal countenance.

In this long and arduous battle, Roxon far outstripped any actions of her lame duck Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who meanly and jealously failed to publicly (or even privately) acknowledge the prowess of our then Attorney-General in this singular international triumph.

Little wonder Roxon resigned her commission. Why would you bother?

Roxon had achieved what the world – including much of the international legal world – deemed impossible. Few would even dare.

It's a laugh to describe Australia as a 'democracy'. It is a democracy in brand name only. As is Israel. As is India.

Australian constituents have no involvement whatsoever in the political process post election. We are locked out; our noses perpetually pressed against the unwashed windows of opportunity and Parliament House. We, the People, are not welcome there.

It is futile to counteract such argument with facile comparisons with other countries.

There is nothing that happens elsewhere, that does not have its twin in this country; in some form.

Transparency and public accountability are considered effete and irrelevant affectations; the bleatings of the weak.

The emergence of new political parties, Katter's, WikiLeaks Party and UAP ought to sound the death knell of the entrenched ALP and Liberal parties.

The latter are old, too old and corrupt, too corrupt and inept, too inept for us to even tolerate. They are irritating. They are condescending.

We constantly get fed rhetoric with retreads. We have had enough. They are all spent seed.

We have no attention span for them. They are of another era. Not ours. They are not of our times. There is no fire, no joy, no excitement, no frisson, no inspiration, no philosophy, no vision, no argument, no lexicon worthy of us.

It is not simply 'flattering' to be wooed by these newcomers. We don't fall for that tripe anymore.

But we do want to hear what Bob and Julian and Clive have to say to us.

We know what Julia and Tony have to say and we are indifferent to their stereotypical voices.

Our voting in the polls determine the lesser of two weevils.

We instead crave intellectual combat between Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, Julian Assange, Bob Katter and Clive Palmer.

It is time we truly had a contest of ideas and ideals.

Democracy is well defined as Government by, for and of the People.

Alas, in Australia, it is nothing more than faecal residue; the waste product of Government by, for and of the political parties, and their lobbyists and spin doctors.

We, the People, need to reclaim our country and our Parliament.

We should not be made to feel we are mere tenants in our own Houses of Parliament.

We are not. We are landlords and landladies of this Great Southern Land, Terra Australis.

Unlike our politicians, we are not absentee landowners.

But in terms of political representation, we are still Terra Nullius.

(BREAKING NEWS: Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Peter Slipper is not retiring and backs Clive Palmer.)

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