Baring it in Saudi Arabia: Melania Triumps

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Melania Trump struck a blow for women (Image via @DixonDiaz4U)

The American First Lady outshines her pussy-grabbing husband on their first overseas tour, writes contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence.

THAT MELANIA TRUMPH has girlie balls, don't she ?

She has a lot in common with her Saudi sisters. More than you'd think.

A latter day Rapunzel, she is usually kept under self-imposed house arrest in a tower that greedily scrapes the New York skyline and squats on prime real estate.

Right now, she's on the tail end of a whirlwind tour with Russia's quisling in the White House. That would be her boastful pussy-stalking hubby US President Donald Trump, now in post one hundred daze haze and on his first international trip in long pants as Leader of the Freebie World.

And ain't she lovin' it. 

She's done the political catwalk proud.


Moreover, on several occasions, trophy wife the third has fought back, remaining publicly defiant to her husband's own fundamentalist fatwas on what women should wear whilst accompanying their presidential husbands.

Pundits and diplomats,admirers and detractors alike, wondered whether she would cover her caramel coloured streaked locks and wear an abaya when the Trumps flew into Saudi Arabia. She did neither.

Disembarking from Air Force One, the statuesque Melania appeared at the top of the gangway staircase wiith her naked tresses resplendent and shining in the desert kissed sun.

For once, her hair and not the Donald's combover coif, was the focus of attention.

She did the big meet and greet, and tarmac welcome parade wearing an elegant black onesie cinched at the waist with a wide gold belt that has already been replicated by online cheap chic fashion chains.

It was a feminist political statement, as well and one that expresses solidarity with former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, who also wore trousers and left her hair exposed in the visit to the Kingdom in January 2015.


But wait, there's more about less is best. Melania Trumph's attire rebuffed her husband's sexist rant against Michelle Obama's uncovered hair in 2015.

The FLOTUS with the POTUS are the MOSTUS. Oh yes, that's King Salman next to Trump. Mel's not wearing a headscarf  but the men are wearing theirs, including The Donald.


The subtext to all of this matters on a number of levels.

The relationship between fashion/clothes, politics, religion, culture, art and religion is a complex one that provides, at times, greater clues to a nation's collective psyche and international countenance than military uniforms, political platforms and gender equity. 

So too, attire and female attire in situ can nail the rotting immorality tales of nation states — and the inevitable hypocrisy in which we clothe ourselves.

Ancient literature, history, legends, as well as contemporary media abounds with stories of beautiful women accompanying powerful leaders to exploit, charm, seduce and distract their opponents whilst business and political deals are brokered and broken.

Never has this been more pertinent to the House of Saud and its kingdom than with the arrival of Trump's personal household and business entourage. We know from his own predatory words that he thinks women are mere sexual chattels, including his own daughter Ivanka.

In this regard, he would be as one with the Saudi regime.

The Prez and his bride proved to be the POTUS and the FLOTUS with the MOSTUS.

Within hours of touchdown, President Trump had signed a $110 billion deal to supply arms to Saudi Arabia and, by take-off, his right hand must have been numb from signing up billions more, including entertainment and other business deals.

The Saudis are a gift that keeps giving to Western governments because they pay big bucks for bigger weapons, and delight in dealing with political leaders willing to overlook this despotic and brutal regime, and its flagrant abuse of human rights. Australia is among these hypocritical suitors, even as we abuse our indigenous brothers and sisters, refugees, veterans, the aged and the marginalised whilst seeking to place our bared bum on the blood stained seat of the UN's Human Rights Council.

The Saudis gave Trump a crescent and five star welcome plastering his five-storey high image on the facade of the Ritz- Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, opposite that of King Salman himself.

Was that Donald taking a selfie with his image in the dead of night? Or was it Donald's islamaphobic mate Steve Bannon creeping around the palm trees? 


What's the bet that the Donald won't snaffle this idea and plaster his image over the facades of all his properties — including the White House? (Image via Washington Examiner)

Earlier, either Trump or Alec Baldwin curtsied before His Highness upon receiving the nation's highest honour: the pure gold Collar of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud — a king's collar that may one day prove to be a yoke around Trump's neck. The collar resembles a mayoral chains of office.

It was definitely a curtsey bob — and yet five years ago Trump lampooned Obama for bowing before the then King.

Here's a video of the ceremony, so see for yourself:

And did you check out the fab music and the Saudi bagpipes? It has a decidedly highland bent and seems to be an amalgam of Green Hills of Home and Donald Where's Your Trewsers? You listen.

You decide.


There's enough gold in the collar to stage your own pawn reality show, if Trump's brilliant career ever goes bung.

Some commentators think this hereditary regal gong signals Trump and His Maj are having a fine bromance with some kissin'. So they are, but it should be pointed out that Obama was conferred the same honour, as was Trump's ringmaster, Russian President Vladimir Putin and President George Sr's little boy, President George Jr.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel didn't get collared. Nor did Hillary Clinton. Or Margaret Thatcher. Or Theresa May. Only penis-bearing humans are eligible for the gong. So former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in with a chance. It may be the nearest he gets to the knighthood he so craves.

The Saudi King and King Donald of the Deal have much in common. Both dye their hair and have been married three times — a modest number given King Adbullah, his half-brother and predecessor, had more than 30 wives during his 90 year lifetime.


Without fear of contradiction, Saudi Arabia has no peer when it comes to being obsessed with sex. That's what happens in a Forbidden Kingdom, where even thoughts can lead to your beheading.

Sex slavery and pornography are rife. The duplicity of the "pious" behaviour of some of the ruling elite when they are at home but who go feral when overseas is common knowledge and greatly resented. It makes potent fuel for those intent on overthrowing the House of Saud. 

Victim blaming of females is an art form.

It is hurtful to see the absence of even royal women at the ceremonies for Trump. The all-women conferences and silly talk of "empowerment" by visiting Trumpian western women in a male-controlled environment remains an insult to our Saudi sisters on the face of it, but at least they show both sides, glimpses of their respective worlds. Regime spies monitor everything.


Lewd jokes about Trump, Melania and Ivanka and, indeed, the Royal Family, have been doing the rounds.

Watching the footage and body language of Saudi men perving on "Trump's women" you can caption the subtitles for yourself.

The Catholic Melania, self-assured, in control, aware of her own powers and impact, and Ivanka, a Jewish convert whose blonde beauty epitomises the West, and whose presence in Saudia has elicited a number of declarations of love and numerous marriage proposals — sweet considering she is Jewish and married to Jared Kushner.

Indeed, being Jewish Orthodox, both Jared and Ivanka received rabbinical dispensation to fly on a Friday.


In Saudi Arabia and, indeed, the entire tour, both women were in sync in terms of either wearing head coverings or baring it — including when visiting Israel and the Vatican. Protocol demands that the President's wife sets the tone.

Mel T not only bared her silken mane but for one function, she wore a well-cut trouser suit over a part sheer black lace blouse.

What is more, the sultry beauty sexily sauntered about her duties surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards and male minders with one hand in her pocket affecting androgyny, wearing her famous naughty pout and kohl-lined tigress eyes.

She unashamedly made direct eye contact with men staring at her. Dream on, guys.

A former professional model, who embarked on her career when only a five-year-old little tacker, Melania Trump, the Slovenian born Melanija Knavs, is utterly aware of what image and impact she wishes to convey.


Melania wears the pants; strikes a pose. Hands in pocket. At ease, in control, the world is her catwalk now. Is the jacket drawn back to deliberately show she is wearing a partly sheer blouse? Of course!


Melania with Saudi Sisters wearing varying typs of head coverings at a service centre set up by Saudi Aramco, Tata Consultancy Services and General Electric  OMG, her lower limbs are exposed.


Fake news promulgated by the Trump camp and Obama denigrators, and reported in mass media, alleges that whilst King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud greeted the Trumphs, he did not greet the Obamas, sending underlings to the airport instead.

It's true that King Salman pointedly did not greet President Barack Obama personally at the airport when he flew into Saudi last year in April to attend a summit of Arab/Middle Eastern nations and states. A lot of water had dried up in the wadi by then and Obama was out of favour.

But in fact, when Obama visited with Michelle in 2015 on a State visit, King Salman, custodian of the twin Holy Mosques Mecca and Medina did greet them at the airport.

Whilst women (apart from translators and so on) were locked out of formal ceremonies for Trump Inc, the in-your-face presence of Melania and Ivanka Trump will have provided impetus and fuel for those Saudi women who are intent on gauging equal rights.

The King and everyone present, including representatives of major American multinational corporations, have perpetrated a grave insult upon Saudi women by their attendance and collusion.

In every way, women in Saudi are treated as inferior human beings. The fact that they are not allowed to drive is but one of the ludicrous taboos.  They are prisoners in their own country. And they are imprisoned by their own men.


During the First Gulf War. it was particularly galling for Saudi women to stomach foreign female military personnel driving huge military transport vehicles around their nation and surrounding states.

Some of the Saudi women had a gutful of this and, in rebellion, drove a convoy of cars belonging to their husbands and brothers into the cities, only to be named and shamed in public (in reality to shame their husbands but truly a badge of honour and one day history will attest to this) and arrested.

They are suffragettes, no question.

Freedom has little currency in Saudi — for men or women.

Watching the Donald's awkward and flaccid movements in the famous all-male sword dance, one cannot help but wonder if any of those sharpened swords are used in the regular Friday public executions.

Whilst what to wear on our heads in Saudi Arabia is a first world problem in this story, keeping their heads attached to their shoulders is the brutal reality for citizens, especially Saudi women.

For them, the sword dance is a dance of death.

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