Answers: Quiz No 5, 11 June 2016

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IA’s election quiz #5: How well do you know Australia’s women in public life?


1. (d) all. Michelle Payne for a horse race, Marise Payne as defence minister and Melissa Parke for giving Labor a serve as she exited politics.

2. (d) just the one. Elizabeth is still queen. But that job is hers only because of who her father was.


3. (e) 1943


4. (a) nine

5. (d) last, in 1966.


6. (d) Liberal Party


7. (d) Anna Bligh in 2009. Earlier premiers took over between elections.

8. (c) Janine Haines led the Democrats in 1986.


9 i.(n) first member of a state parliament was Edith Cowan in 1921.

ii.(g) first member of the House of Representatives was Enid Lyons in 1943.

iii.(e) first senator was Dorothy Tangney in 1943.

iv.(b) first state premier was Carmen Lawrence in 1990.

v.(a) first deputy prime minister was Julia Gillard in 2007.

vi.(h) first federal minister with portfolio was Annabelle Rankin, minister for housing in 1966.

vii.(g) first federal cabinet member was Enid Lyons in 1949.

viii. (c), (m) first Indigenous federal senator was Nova Peris in 2013. Jacqui Lambie who also entered the Senate in 2013 claims Indigenous heritage, which is disputed.

ix.(i) first speaker of the House of Representatives was Joan Child in 1986.

x.(l) first president of the Senate was Margaret Reid in 1996.

xi.(r) first leader of the government in the Senate was Penny Wong in 2013.

xii.(o)  first minister for foreign affairs was Julie Bishop in 2013.

xiii.(a) first prime minister was Julia Gillard in 2010.

xiv.(k) first state governor was Roma Mitchell in 1991.

xv.(d) first governor general was Quentin Bryce in 2008.


10. (b) Errol Flynn


11. (c) is correct. She lost the speakership over the helicopter scandal, but not party membership. She applied unsuccessfully for the IPU presidency. She was criticised for abandoning Tony Abbott, but did not resign. This probably contributed to her losing preselection.


12. (d) Ros Kelly was the first woman to give birth to a child while an MP in 1983.

The other five statements are all true.

Disputes with the quizmaster are welcome and correspondence will enthusiastically be entered into. You can Tweet Alan Austin @AlanTheAmazing.

Next quiz: See IA, Saturday 18 June, 2016.

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