A laughing stock: Julie Bishop at the UN

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Posing as a representative of a liberal democracy at the UN, Julie Bishop kept a straight face when she signalled Australia's intention to not only seek a seat on the UN Security Council in 2029-30 but the UN Human Rights Council in 2018-20. What a laughing stock, says Bob Ellis

JULIE BISHOP appeared before the United Nations yesterday in the guise of the representative of a liberal democracy. And many, many attending delegates shook with quiet mirth at her impertinence.

For we are nothing like that.

We imprison for twenty-five years those of us who bind the wounds of the Kurds, or join them in battle with DAESH.

We do not allow those on TPVs to find work, or vote, or enrol their children in university.

We kidnap children on the high seas, and sentence them to ninety years among unindicted sexual predators in the stinking, dwindling, south seas police state Nauru.

We imprison teenagers who criticise on Facebook U.S. policy in the Middle East for twenty years.

We send in arms and troops to fight on the side of Bashr al-Assad, a genocidal monster.

She posed as a Foreign Minister who cares deeply for the oppressed of other nations, what in former times were called “the wretched of the earth”, though she has cut all foreign aid by half. She has sent forty million to help nine million displaced Syrians, that is, five dollars each, and spent one hundred and twenty million looking for a downed aircraft, the MH 370. She will spend another hundred million on this quest; it is not known why.

Her government spends a billion dollars a year imprisoning and tormenting boat people of the sort now swarming into Europe. Where other nations welcome Syrians, we imprison them, though they are innocent of any crime, and swear they will never live in Australia.

It is a measure of her narcissistic dimwitted hauteur that she repeated these falsehoods before the UN yesterday, and imagined that jaded body was not sneering at her. She even asked to be admitted, again, in fifteen years’ time, to the Security Council, and proposed that an Australian (Ruddock? Downer? Kroger? Vanstone?) be Secretary-General.

Uganda has a better chance. Gaza. Kazakhstan. Fiji.

She continues to shame us before the nations.

And she should really, really stop.

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