Terrorism has no religion: The true meaning of Islam

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Australian Muslims in prayer at Lakemba Mosque, Sydney (Image via Wikipedia)

It's important to understand the true meaning of Islam and recognise the radical extremists who try to sully it, writes Hena Jawaid.

WHEN THE CHRISTCHURCH SHOOTINGS OCCURRED, I was inundated by apologies and sympathies from all corners of Australia. I was well supported and assisted by my peers and neighbours. Most of the Muslims by then knew that terrible events are awaiting us in future to malign Islam and Muslimhood together in the name of revenge.

It did not take us long and we came across the saddest event in Sri Lanka in April 2019. The so-called radical bunch of fanatics decided to rampage the church on Easter Sunday. They killed 253 people and, as usual, accepted the responsibility afterwards.

Any person who accepts himself as a Muslim must know the basic tenets of Islam, which comprise humanity, justice, compassion, goodwill and piety. A person who blatantly lacks these attributes and then calling himself a Muslim is defying the foundations of this religion, let alone advocating it.

This group of extremists and radicals are not only making Muslims unsafe and fearful in this world, but also evaporating their trust from the future. We cannot raise our kids in this toxic environment where brutality, barbarianism, cruelty and crime are portrayed as Islamic leadership.

Our Prophet, his family and his friends have never advocated tyranny or suppression. He was a proponent of peace and harmony.

We are simply dismissing extremists any association with Islam. We are with our Christian brothers and sisters and would emphasise on giving strict punishment to this group, not only in Sri Lanka but worldwide. They are sabotaging Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, USA, France and other parts of the world.

They are not related to any faith. Terrorism has no religion.

Hena Jawaid is a psychiatrist by profession and currently working as a Student Counselor in Victoria. She has been fervently working for different wellbeing organisations to improve the lives of people living in underprivileged areas in different parts of the world. You can follow her @ScenePsych.

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Terrorism has no religion: The true meaning of Islam

It's important to understand the true meaning of Islam and recognise the radical ...  
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