Barilaro's gift to the koala

The NSW Government’s record on koala protection is as appalling as Barilaro's threats.  
Gloves come off between Berejiklian and Barilaro over 'koala war'

The future of Australia’s wildlife is at the mercy of political gamesmanship and politicians who ...  
Morrison Government ignores environmental review recommendations

An environmental review proposing legislation reforms is being ignored by the Prime Minister and ...  
Berejiklian Government's destructive path protected by the law

Legal challenges against the continuing elimination of koalas and destruction of Indigenous land ...  
Can the koala survive in Berejiklian's NSW?

The NSW Upper House Inquiry says koalas will be extinct by 2050, but relaxed protections and ...  
Reviews and audits ignored as environment faces existential crises

In 2009, the first independent review of the Federal Environment Protection & Biodiversity Con ...  
Nationals influence Gladys Berejiklian's environmentally destructive vision

The NSW LNP is determined to expand housing for the growing population at the expense of the ...  
The Victorian Government needs to reconsider its duck hunting policy

Considering the amount of problems brought on by duck hunting season in Victoria, it's time for ...  
Sussan Ley's largesse: Koalas failed to make the grade

While the Government has pledged further funding to bushfire recovery, a deeper look reveals that ...  
Environmental harm and diseases like COVID-19 are linked

In the 1700’s, Chief Seattle, a powerful Native American figure, made many insightful predic ...  
So far, legislation and reviews have failed to protect environment

Australia needs stronger laws, reviews and policies to safeguard the environment from irreparable ...  
Governments shift attention away from koala plight

While media attention is dwelling on the effects of COVID-19, we still need to remain focused on ...  
Duck hunting season: When too much dead wildlife isn't enough

The Andrews Government has announced another duck slaughter season in Victoria.  
Mainstream media is hiding the truth about koala extinction

The public is being misinformed about the true fate of koalas following the devastating effects of ...  
Bushfire disaster serves as a wake-up call against unsympathetic government

The immense destruction we've suffered during the bushfire crisis has opened our eyes to many ways ...  
Portland massacre: Government takes further steps to wipe out koala population

Timber harvesting in a Victorian koala habitat has resulted in a massacre, with a call for an ...  
EXCLUSIVE: Governments' sickening ignorance towards starving wildlife

In the aftermath of the devastating bushfires, wildlife has been left with a severe shortage of ...  
Australia's coal production directly killing animals like the koala

If we want to prevent koalas being burned alive then Australia needs to stop burning coal.  
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