Catastrophic gray whale deaths as Arctic ice melts

A catastrophic marine ecosystem crisis of unimaginable consequences is taking shape.   
Drones killing birds: What can be done?

The lack of regulation around drones has caused the death of countless and precious birds, writes ...  
Melissa Price and the Coalition's climate change denying non-environmental policy

The Government's attitude to climate change can be gathered by the cloak of invisibility that ...  
Welcome to Australian politics: A mad environment

When it comes to environmental protection policy, Australia is full of crazies, devoid of logical ...  
EXCLUSIVE: Senator Rice details Australia's faunal extinction emergency

Senator Janet Rice talks to IA about the Senate Inquiry into Faunal Extinction's Interim Report ...  
Extinction: 'Let's get it done' in Berejiklian's NSW

The newly elected Berejiklian Government has wasted no time watering down environmental protect ...  
The death of our seafood, oceans — oh, and us

Our oceans are in dire peril and serious grunt is required by governments or, put simply, ever ...  
Not enough: The Government's neglect of our "devastated" koalas

The Government appears to have no interest in ensuring the longevity of one of our national ...  
The last of Sydney's koalas are doomed

A major development in Sydney is touting itself as being environmentally friendly towards koalas ...  
The best alternative to eating meat?

Meat created from the cells of animals presents great benefits for the world, writes Michael ...  
What does Japan’s whaling announcement actually mean?

What are the ramifications of Japan's decision to resume commercial whale hunts?  
Shifting politics: Respecting the welfare of animals

Animals shouldn't be looked upon only as food. They are living, breathing beings that deserve ...  
Black Swan Lake is dying before our eyes

The authorities aren't doing enough to save the wildlife found at Black Swan Lake.  
Government hides truth about koala mortality rates

New information on the removal of koalas from the Coomera-Pimpama region reveals a lack of comp ...  
More plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050

Scientists warn that, unless we take action, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ...  
From solastalgia to speciestalgia: Essential Australian eco-terms

As our world continues to change and various species disappear, our vocabulary adapts to these ...  
Time's up for greyhound racing in NSW

The NSW Government needs to stop turning a blind eye to the cruel sport of greyhound racing and ...  
Koalas are being left to die slow painful deaths during drought

Koalas are struggling to survive as their habitat is being destroyed — which means every other ...  
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