Why won't Ford commit to the Model T?

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Via Twitter, the Chair of Queensland's AML asks:

“Can Lewis Holden answer this question - Why won't ARM commit to a republican model?”

Lewis Holden responds:

"Having more than one type of Ford for the people to choose from is inviting a vote of no confidence in the Model T."

This is a question I've often pondered, although in a different way. Driving past a Ford dealership today, I was wondering why Ford won't commit to one car model. I think they're cowards for not doing so. I mean, they have a perfectly good car in the Model T Ford. Having more than one type of Ford for the people to choose from is inviting a vote of no confidence in the Model T. It's clear to see that Ford is divided amongst itself on what model of car Australians (and New Zealanders) want. They can't decide.

How do they advertise their cars? They probably say "We'd like you to buy a Ford, but we haven't the foggiest idea about what model we want". This is the perfect cocktail for politicians to exploit. Unlike the Model T, which puts the engine - crank shaft and all - in control of the politicians through the "monarch" steering wheel  - connected to the engine using a general-governor - modern Fords are actually Politician's Fords, with their fancy "checks and balances" and greater use of "democracy" lubricant. As I've said a number of times about the Model T, it's sturdy and reliable, and part of our heritage. Just look at the trouble those countries like Switzerland, Austria or Finland with their fancy Ford Falcons. If they had stuck with their Model Ts, they wouldn't be in the trouble they're in now, would they!?

Many of the world's greatest countries use Model Ts. Thailand, a country known for its long history of stable motoring, has a high literacy rate because they use this model. The Model T also lowers the rate of infant mortality, increases social wellbeing, and trust amongst citizens. It's true, and I've got the statistics I've selectively quoted to prove it. Likewise the Scandinavian countries, which always top the UN's Human Development Index, have high levels of GDP per capita because of the Model Ts they drive. (Oh, and lots of oil and ore.)

There is absolutely no justification for Ford having more than one model of car on the market. They are elites; they cost the Australian motorist dearly by doing so.

(Read more about Australia's Model T Constitution.)  
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