The fantasies and follies of Flint

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David Flint’s rantings and slurs on anyone who disagrees with him is a disgrace to the monarchist cause, says Barry Everingham.

The “convenor” and owner of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy – the egregious, bitter and twisted Professor David Flint – is at it again.

This disgraceful upholder of a moth eaten, out-of-date and insulting system of inherited privilege is, firstly, reduced to lying about David Donovan’s position in the Australian Republican Movement.

Mr Donovan, as Flint well knows, is not a spokesman for the ARM and is not a “key member of the national committee” of that organisation as Flint fraudulently states — the IA managing directly is simply not on that committee after resigning his ARM directorship approximately six months ago.

You can read DD’s response to Flint here.

Second, Flint makes outrageous slurs on Australians of the Year who use their right, as every Australian can, to call for a new flag. He says it can “only lead people to wonder whether a criterion for the appointment for Australian of the Year these days is an ambition to shred the constitution and the flag and abandon our heritage”.

I ask Flint: who are the people wondering this?

I defy him to name them — or are they figments of his mad imagination?

I’ll let his reference to “our flag” through to the keeper, and I’ll say this instead about the sanctity of the Australian flag.

My brother died in Changi POW Camp, Singapore, on May 28, 1942. He contracted meningitis and the Japanese refused medication. This boy of 18 – for that’s what he was, a boy just out of school –was delirious for three days before he died. How do I know this?

A few years after the end of WWII, I met a colleague of my brother’s, in whose arms my brother died; and for the information of Flint, let me say — I would think the last thing my beautiful brother was thinking of would be the Australian flag.

It is time we became our own nation with a flag not sullied by the design of a foreign flag, which confuses people of other countries.

And surely it is time the membership of ACM realised  best thing the ARM has going for it is David Flint, whose pompous, ridiculous, rantings are a disgrace to the cause he has every right to believe in, but no right whatsoever to cast obnoxious slurs on those who happen to disagree with him.

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