Mad monarchists suggest Harry as Canadian king or William as roving monarch

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Senior correspondent Barry Everingham has fun discussing the Canadian Monarchist League, who this week suggested Prince Harry could become their roving king.

The ever regal prince Harry

The big news out of Canada this week is that a monarchist clown has publicly said Prince Harry should be King of Canada.

And as if that’s not totally absurd, Etienne Boisvert of the Monarchist League of Canada has further suggested that should Harry not oblige, then William could become a sort of a "roving" king — alternating his time in six months spells between Australia, Britain and Canada.

Dear me.

M.Boisvert said:
“Prince Harry, who has virtually no chance of becoming king, could set himself up here and found a Canadian branch of the Royal family.”

It seems the Canadian monarchists are as good at tearing themselves apart as our very own Liberals.

No sooner had Etienne’s words hit the air waves the chair of the Monarchist League, Robert Finch, very correctly and very properly, shot the idea down in flames.

Said Finch:
"It’s not practical, it’s not doable, and it’s not desirable."

He went on claiming he’d worked hard building relationships with the palace and Clarence House.
“They are going to look at this and think ‘what the heck is going on over there?’

“It makes us look like wackos.”

Well, hello!

Of course the palace and Clarence House must cringe every time the monarchists go overboard with, dare I say, their wacko views.

Our very own chief wacko, Professor David Flint, AM, only a few weeks ago was proposing Harry for the defunct and long forgotten throne of Russia.

Flint got into a real state claiming the Russian were dying for another Tsar, just the like one who was murdered along with his wife and daughters in 1918.

Nicholas II had done his country the favour of abdicating and ended his days in horror as Citizen Romanov.

Flint’s knowledge of the history of Imperial Russia is seen through the rose-coloured glasses he wears when he’s drooling over anything royal — I’m waiting for him to write about West Australia’s Prince Leonard of Hutt River any day now.

Back to Russia.

A few years ago, what was left of the abused bodies of the former imperial family were removed from the Four Brothers Mine in Koptyaki Forest near Ekaterinburg.

A rejuvenated Russia under Boris Yeltsin ordered the destruction of the house where the royal massacre took place, which had become known under Soviet rule as “the Museum of the People’s Vengeance”.

To make sure the remains were in fact those of the royals, a DNA test was necessary but the Russians were reluctant to allow this.

A nephew of the last Tsar’s, Tikhon Kulikovsky, should have provided the ideal link but he refused to cooperate for two reasons.

He could never forgive King George V for refusing his first cousin, the Tsar and his family safe haven in England in 1917.

He was also firmly convinced that the British royal family had personally swindled his mother, Grand Duchess Olga, out of hundreds and thousands of dollars following the sale of certain jewellery to Queen Mary (the current Queen’s grandmother).

Prince Philip, whose mother had been a niece of the Tsarina, provided the imperial proof needed.

Back to Flint.

His idea that Harry was:

(a) in line to the throne of Russia; and

(b) the Russians want their royalty back

is plain wrong on both counts.

Philip is related to the tsarina not the tsar and in any case the acknowledged heir is Prince Nicolas Romanov, who once famously remarked, when asked whether he would become Tsar if he was required:
“Haven’t you heard? I am a republican!”

Our own wacko should really search for some facts before he goes off half cocked.

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