King Charles and Queen Camilla coming soon to rule over us

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The heirs to the “Australian throne”, the next King Charles and first Queen Camilla, make an official tour of their Australian dominions next year. Barry Everingham wonders how long that situation may pertain.

The next King and Queen of Australia will make a down under tour next year as part of the celebrations to mark the Australian head of state’s Diamond Jubilee.

According to Buckingham Palace, all the current and relevant royals – relevant royals? Now there’s an oxymoron – will head off around the Commonwealth to fly  the royal standard on behalf of the 85 year-old Queen Elizabeth.

Now it’s important we see our next head of state and his former mistress — whom he made an honest woman by at last marrying her after their years of cheating behind the back of the gorgeous Princess Diana.

We should be eternally grateful to the serial telephone hackers of the Murdoch yellow press, who recorded some hot late night phone sex the adulterous couple were having — and then shared it with everyone by making it available on a 1800 system.

The tacky chit chat was memorable for one wish our next king had for his paramour.

In a voice dripping with passion and longing he admitted he wanted to be our next queen’s tampon so he could be – wait for it – “inside her”!

Heady stuff and really graphic filth.

Now under our current constitution – we will have no choice – no choice whatsoever but to accept this pair of misfits as our next monarchs.

Professor David Flint maintains the canard that Camilla Parker Bowles will never be Charles’ queen —she’s to be a “princess consort” of the king’s, he claims.

That piece of bullshit, which Flint bought hook line and sinker, was released by the palace to appease the millions of Diana lovers who were sickened and appalled at the thought of their beloved icon’s nemesis achieving the highest royal honour available.

Some history here which might help.

Princes Charles’ great-uncle, the Duke of Windsor, (the former Prince of Wales and later King Edward V111) shocked the royal family and the world when, in the mid 1930’s, he met, fell in love with, and renounced his throne, to marry his then mistress, Mrs Wallis Warfield Simpson, a twice divorced American woman.

The royal family, the then Government of the UK and all the then Empire Governments, including our own, came down like a ton of bricks on the couple, traduced their reputations and then quite illegally denied the new Duchess of Windsor, as Mrs Simpson became when the couple married in France, the title of “Her Royal Highness”.

Even now, the mention of the Windsors sends chills down the spines of the royals (royal family and spine — sorry, another oxymoron).

Wallis and Edward were denied the crown of England, but in no time at all they become the undoubted monarchs of international café society and the most sought after couple in the society world.

Now back to our next King and Queen.

Charles has a myriad of titles, his principal one being Prince of Wales.

That’s how the world knew Diana — she was the Princess of Wales because she took that title when marrying Charles, his principal title.

No Duchess of Cornwall nonsense for her.

Camilla on the other hand came to the royal marriage bed with baggage — lots of it.

The royals, still reeling from the opprobrium heaped on them by Diana lovers following the disgraceful infighting surrounding her funeral, had no intention of revisiting the Windsor saga — so another legal (Cornwall) title, with the styling of “Her Royal Highness” was dredged up and the couple were, at last, legally joined.

When Charles becomes King, his wife will be his Queen — he’s said as much himself; she won’t be the Princess Consort — that title simply doesn’t exist, and I’m told by Constitutional experts that – for that to be legal – an Act of Parliament would be needed and no sane Government would waste time, energy, or resources to even consider it.

So, we will at last see this extraordinary couple who tore up the royal rule book and managed to survive.

The question begging an answer is — will we really get them as our monarchs and, if so, how long will the status quo be maintained?

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