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Interesting column by James Jeffrey in The Australian today:
Lodged in memory

WHILE Kevin Rudd waits for official recognition on that front, we hope he can take some satisfaction from knowing that in the hearts of the good folk at Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy, that ghastly day of long knives and short(en) factions never happened and he's still prime minister. Here's a burning question posed on the main page of the ACM website: "Should republicans be required to agree on precisely what changes to the Constitution they want before Mr Rudd calls another referendum?" Careless, sentimental, or prescient? We can't imagine David Flint ever being careless. And surely he wouldn't be led astray by sentimentality, which leaves only . . . (Cue spooky music. No, not Justin Bieber.)

They have hastily changed the page this morning and now the poll mentions Julia Gillard and Bob Brown. If the ACM still thought Rudd was in power as of this morning, can you really believe them about anything?

Even now, if you look at their page, you will also see another poll asking about the Super Profits Tax. Now wait a minute, isn't that tax called the Mineral Resources Rent Tax? And just what have mineral profits got to do with the Constitution or the monarchy. I guess it's just another part of David Flint's kooky far right-wing agendathat he explores through his private club, the ACM.  
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