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Independent Politics


What we believe

IA believes that true democracy is impossible in Australia under the current party system, which exercises strict party discipline to maintain power and subvert the will of the people. Read more about what this means here.

What we aim to do

This page will be a resource for people without partisan affiliation who wish to become elected.

How to stand for Parliament

If you are interested in standing for Federal Parliament at the forthcoming election, you can access the AEC information, such as it is, by clicking here.

Australian Independents

It is perhaps a sign of the widespread dissatisfaction in the Australian community for the parties we have representing us that Australia has one of the lowest levels of party membership and more independent politicians per capita than any comparable western country.

If you would like to read about the history and role of independent parliamentarians in Australian politics, click here.

The Electoral Act makes it more difficult for Independents to win. (Read more.)

Australia's barbaric judicial and legal system denies justice and advantages vested interests. (Read more.)

Australia's party political system delivers village idiots rather than village elders. (Read more.)

How to defeat party politics by creating an anti-party? (Read more.)

Party politics is adversarial until it comes to granting politicians pay rises, whereupon wondrous bipartisanship suddenly breaks out. (Read more.)

The party political duopoly means Australia has a fake, not a real, democracy. (Read more.)

Independent candidates

  • In the 2010 Federal Election, there were 1,030 non-major party candidates out of a total of 1198. More than enough choice, says Dr Klaas Woldring. (Read more)

  • Voters have a duty to elect Independents and minor party candidates, the major parties have let us down. (Read more)

  • Former Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has very much the same ideals as Independent Australia when it comes to democracy. (Read more).

Be a part of the political revolution

Would you like to help break the stranglehold grip political parties have around the throat of our democracy? Read about David Donovan's idea of an "anti-party" and contact him to find out how you can help by emailing

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