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Julie Walsh


    JULIE WALSH was born in New Zealand and came to Australia in the late 1980s where she became a citizen shortly after arriving. She believes that she can view life from a number of different perspectives having owned and run a business in Australia for over ten years, suffered serious injury as a teenager, worked in a number of other countries and as a mother to a teenage son.

    Julie comes from a strong Irish Catholic background but left the Catholic religion many years ago. She believes that it is the soul which is the essence of who we are and it is the energy of life existing in all beings and a connection to the universal life force. She follows the universal laws which relate to the power of good over evil and believes that those who intentionally injure others whether it be psychologically, morally or physically are likely to cause injury to themselves. She believes that there is growing global unity amongst people to make this world a better place.

    She believes that religion and politics should be kept well apart and the separation of government, police and the judiciary are vital for good governance. She paid her taxes because she wanted to support people to provide good governance, an impartial justice system and an honest, truthful mainstream media and she does not believe this is happening in Australia. Whilst she respects others religious views, she also believes that there are many who use religion to exploit people's fears and insecurities to accept what is on their agenda, and would like to empower others to act and think independently. People should not let themselves be manipulated by those who may not have their best interests at heart, especially when it comes to their children's future.

    She is inspired by the writings of Brendon Burchard, Dale Carnegie, Denis Waitley, Gary Zukav and Anthony Robbins.

    Julie believes that all men and women are equal. She has read that many religions tend to depict women as being inferior to men and believes that this limits many women around the world.

    Julie believes that we constantly create and shape our own life with the powerful energy that we project through our words, through our thoughts, through our emotions, through our beliefs and intentions and through our imagination.


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