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Ian Bersten

  • Ian Bersten was born in North Sydney in 1939 and educated at North Sydney Boys High School. He graduated with a B. Com. Ecs 1960 UNSW.

    He hitch-hiked through Europe, the USA, walked across the Grand Canyon and from NY to Buenos Aires via Lima, Peru, down the Amazon on a boat and from London to Singapore 1961-1964.

    In 1968, he started Belaroma Coffee then invented the Tea-Cha and Chaicoffski coffee and tea brewers and the Roller Roaster.

    Ian wrote Coffee Floats Tea Sinks, Coffee Sex and Health,Tea: How Tradition Stood in the Way of the Perfect Cup and Tea in the 21st Century  and has just finished writing Tea and Coffee – how Hype, Astroturfing, Illusion and Misinformation Shaped the Tea and Coffee Industries.

    Ian is now retired.

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