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Dr Chandrika Barman

  • Dr Chandrika Barman is an Indian doctor who was working in Australia in Mental health.

    I met an Australian doctor of Indian origin at work. We discussed three books about psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung. The Red Book, Psychology of Kundalini Yoga, Synchronicity: Acausal Connecting Principle.

    We decided to conduct a similar astrological experiment to test Synchronicity principle based on active imagination techniques from Red Book and yoga of Psychology of Kundalini Yoga. He made a public video Enough Hope by John Church with Dr O’Neil Maharaj announcing his ability into Yoga.

    As a part of experiment, he notified me to medical regulators, that he fears I, Easterner suffer from psychosis of yoga just as Dr Carl Jung warned to Westerners in public. He gave evidence in court that he indeed discussed with me about writing his life story and discussed his walk with Hinduism and then with Christianity.

    The regulators imagined him to be a psychiatrist and suspended my licence. They suspected me to suffer from psychosis of yoga and made me fly in and out, travel in public places without any armed escort to be assessed by a doctor whose office is near their building.

    The doctor recommended psychiatric treatment without mental state examination and diagnosis.

    I warned the Board and regulators that I will give evidence in the Senate. They trashed the notification and doctor’s recommendation immediately.

    Three days after I gave evidence, they decided to reinvestigate old notification and recommend psychiatric treatment. Their new doctor recommended treatment without diagnosis or mental state examination and also conducted a drug test without any complaint.

    But, he also reported that the regulators approached him to reinvestigate the matter about which I gave evidence in the Senate. He indicated to breach of parliamentary privilege and hence contempt of Senate. The national Ombudsman is now conducting an internal inquiry. The Senate has asked for the medical legal report to examine the evidence of a breach of parliamentary privilege. When I informed medical regulators they propose caution for reporting them to Senate and also for not updating my work status in Facebook account. I further reported that to National Ombudsman and Senate. I am patiently awaiting results.

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