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Don Kane

  • Don Kane is a retired thoracic physician in Queensland. He served five years on the State Council of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation Queensland branch and was State President for the last five.

    He became aware of scurrilous activities within Queensland health services aimed at medical officers, senior, junior, specialist and non-specialist perpetrated by medical “colleagues” and bureaucrats. This has had serious adverse effects on the provision of services to communities and devastating effects on the victims and their families.

    Don has serious concerns about the future of the services and the impotency of the organisations and authorities to act to remedy the situation. There is a perception that the processes of administrators, AHPRA, the AMA and the medical specialist colleges have been subverted by rogue elements and their network of collaborators to pervert the course of justice.

    Politicians and the media are handicapped by their lack of knowledge of the delivery of health services. This is understandable because it is a complex area that requires exposure in the workplace for some time to become familiar with the activities. Political advisors to politicians have political skills but very few, if any, have the detailed knowledge of health services that is required. The advisors and health departments invariably prevail when problems arise. He says it is unfortunate that a section of the legal profession seems to have played a role in corrupting the process.

    Recent contact with (IA contributors) Professor Paddy Dewan and Dr Leong Ng has confirmed what Don has suspected and been saying for a long time — the problem is nationwide and, it would seem, international as well as being present for centuries.

    He supports the view that only an inquiry ‒ hopefully a Royal Commission ‒ completely independent of all previous players is essential to correct and eliminate this cancer in the system.

    He urges readers to sign the petition and encourage their contacts to do so.

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