Tony and Malcolm and terminal narcissism

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Tess Lawrence believes Julia Gillard is a narcissist and that Australians will vote for Tony Abbott because they expect Malcolm Turnbull to soon depose him as leader.

by contributing-editor-at-large Tess Lawrence
by contributing-editor-at-large Tess Lawrence

FORGET about the pachyderm.

Let's talk about the bull in the room and Julia's terminal narcissism.

Forever, it seems, the Gillard Government's self-defeating and delusionary campaigning has been predicated almost solely on the demonising of Coalition Leader Tony Abbott. Bad move.

Stripped naked, it goes like this. Vote for Labor on September 14 because Tony Abbott is a dangerous misogynist Catholic who wants to get his rosaries on your ovaries.

In December 2006, it was deemed that a T-shirt with this logo: "Mr Abbott, get your rosaries off my ovaries" did not amount to religious vilification of Catholics. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) struck out a case brought by pro-life campaigner Babette Francis, who sought to have the T-shirts banned.

This tiresome mantra, like the electorate's patience with Gillard, has long worn denier thin.

We all know the reality is this. If Australians vote in the Coalition, it won't be because they think that Abbott is his God's gift to women or politics.

It will be because they believe that sooner rather than later, Malcolm Turnbull will depose Abbott and become Prime Minister.

A vote for Abbott is a proxy vote for Malcolm. Simple. No spin. No focus groups. No silly automaton cue or cheat sheet needed for Labor pollies to wave about on Channel Seven's Sunrise show.

Not only was NSW Labor faction chief Joel Fitzgibbon clearly disaffected by being spoon fed  quotes from the PM's office about how he should respond to ever dwindling Labor polls, but so too, the adult male Senator, Doug Cameron was annoyed at being similarly treated.

He told ABC News Radio:
"Why should I just take a view that some kid in the media department of some minister or the PMO is telling me what I should say? This is nonsense."

And so it is. Arrant nonsense.

Julia, we've had a gutful. This is your Ovarian Sista speaking. We're just not that into you anymore, girlfriend.

This week's ill-timed launch of the Women for Gillard seems to have been a rather sad, orchestrated, poorly attended and exclusive rather than inclusive affair.

Media was banned. Transcript, audio grabs and photo(s) were provided.

Gillard's facile attempt to vamp up a gender war over the issue of abortion is reprehensible and an insult to the intelligence of female voters.

Little wonder that both male and female voters have further disengaged themselves from her.

This from the official transcript:
"We don't want to live in an Australia where abortion again becomes the political plaything of men who think they know better .... It's a decision about whether once again we will banish women's voices from the core of our nation's political life. I invite you to imagine it: a prime minister - a man with a blue tie who goes on holidays to be replaced by a man in a blue tie...."

Err... no it isn't Ms Gillard. Booting you out of office will not banish women's voices from the core of our nation's political life.

This is further insult to other women who are in Parliament on this day. And insult to the many women in public and private life who daily influence and shape Australia.

It may surprise Gillard to know that she is not womankind's sole answer to the political Zenith in Australia, as she has sadly proven to the great disappointment of once ardent supporters and you can include me once among their number, when she was Deputy Prime Minister and before she knifed Kevin Rudd, on June 24th 2010.

In Independent Australia, I have staunchly defended her against the vituperative bile of the likes of Alan Jones.

As I do today in condemning these offensive, repugnant, sexist and crude words about her that we displayed on IA yesterday morning and again today.
'Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail…...Small Breasts, Huge Thighs & A Big Red Box.'

Julia Gillard was literally on the menu for a fundraiser for federal LNP candidate Mal Brough.


Both Gillard's remarks and the Brough sex menu have unleashed public debate; attack and counter attack from all sides.

Menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser.
Menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser.

Watching on and becoming increasingly alienated and disaffected with the lack of proper governance and representation are we the forgotten people.

There is nothing for us to see here.

And nothing our politicians want us to see.

We are ill-served by them all.

On this day, we witness the sum total of our political intellect and elite. This is where they have brought us. A place barren of vision and aspiration and it would seem, only damaged hope.

If Gillard feels she is being undermined by men in blue ties or Daleks, I suggest she first do a head count of those male and female Federal Labor politicians — including her cabinet members who have become disaffected with her leadership, or whom she has stood down.

Gillard's political narcissism now seriously borders on increasing isolation and paranoia.

She is alienating herself from her own colleagues and Party and certainly from us.

The governance of Australia seems to be forsaken whilst she remains politically constipated with clutching at power and strawmen. There is no movement at the station.

We are at a crucial time, when Gillard should be showing leadership and at least concern about the following:

(I)  the increasing number of abandoned floating bodies of asylum seekers on our seas; and

(II) predatory data surveillance by the United States.

On March 22 in Independent Australia, I wrote that 'Julia Gillard is a dead woman walking.'

She is now on her knees.

If she has to be dragged kicking and screaming from the Opal Office, so be it.

The Australian Labor Party has two clear choices. Both are rehabilitative and neither will result in winning this election, but may save political and historical face and build some traction for the incoming leader.

Either keep Gillard where she is and risk an historical record annihilation at the polls.

Or reinstall Kevin Rudd and mitigate the extent of that annihilation.

The anniversary of the Rudd coup is looming mere days away.

Stand down Julia. You are not the best person to lead Labor into the Federal Election. You sing  your own praises loudest.

Game over.

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