Praise be! Father Morrison is PM

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(Cartoon by Mark David / @mdavidcartoons)

Thank God we finally have a Prime Minister in this country who is willing to tackle the most pressing issue facing us in this nation: God and religious freedom!

"At the end of the day, if you’re not free to believe in your own faith, well, you’re not free."

~ Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Too right, Scott! People sitting around in their lounge rooms, pubs, sporting grounds this weekend are all bemoaning the fact that they are constantly being persecuted for their faith.

Oh wait. I think they were actually watching footy finals…

But! This is a serious situation, as our esteemed PM has said:

"Like anyone else, they should be able to do Christmas plays, they should be able to talk about Easter. That’s our culture. There’s nothing wrong with that."

Exactly Mr Morrison, it is sooooo wrong how so many schools are not allowing their students to celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Oh wait! No schools are stopping kids from celebrating Christmas or Easter? But they might?

Speaking of those schools:

"The narcs can leave those things alone. If you want to send your child to a Christian school, you have the choice to do that and you can go and do it."

~ PM Scott Morrison

Oh, so true, Mr Morrison, you should be able to send your kids to a Christian school. No-one should stop you.

Hmm.... oh wait! No-one is stopping anyone from sending their kids to a Christian school.

Anyhow, Mr Morrison is correct, even the National Council of Churches, in a submission to the Ruddock Religious Freedom Review, agree with him about the “growing level of intolerance” in the community:

'We are seeing more abuse of people because of their religion, both verbal and physical.'

It is horrible, absolutely horrible how these poor Christians are being abused, persecuted and often harmed just going about their own business in the streets of Australia.

Oh wait. Maybe that was Africans being beaten up by Melbourne diners? No wait? Might have been LGBTIQ kids during the Same Sex Marriage Survey "debate"? Okay, I can’t remember reading where Christians in Australia have been beaten up — must be the MSM! They must be hiding it from us!

Speaking of those LGBTIQ… Now that those people are allowed to get married just like the rest of us Christians, why should we be forced to marry them when we think same-sex marriage is sinful?

Oh wait. We don’t have to marry them. But they might shame us for being so-called "intolerant" if we don’t?

Speaking of intolerance. Those LGBTIQ and others will start forcing us to actually employ them and/or serve them in our Government (taxpayer) subsidised schools, hospitals, social services that we run?

Oh! That is right, we are protected under law and are allowed to discriminate against the godless.

But, those unions! Those unions our dear Prime Minister is warning about, those lawless organisations may start forcing us to pay our staff award wages and God forbid! May try to force us employ those godless types — or at least not allow us to sack those floozies who go and get pregnant out of wedlock?

Lawless, yes, let us speak of the law.

Do you know, that horrible socialist Daniel Andrews in Victoria is looking at making us break the sacred Confessional! Yes, he thinks his piddly "laws" about reporting abuse of children should trump our sacred Seal of the Confessional.

He even bragged about it publicly:

I can’t believe this man expects us Catholics, the pre-eminent Christian faith in this nation should have to follow the law like every other single entity and organisation in the nation? Our clergy know best how to address child abuse allegations as our record shows!

Look, no-one really read that Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse report and Mr Andrews – and some others, mind you, who are out to get the church – are beating up the findings of 4,444 abused in the Catholic Church in Australia and other distasteful allegations.

It is those lawless unions trying to get crane drivers to walk off work who need addressing by Premier Andrews, not we priests and those of the faithful.

Do you know? I have even seen people on those cesspool social media sites demanding that our religious organisations in Australia pay tax. Yes! Pay tax, just like other operations. Some are really sneaky about it, they make out like they respect our religious freedom and right to be tax free, but, then slip in the “though maybe the businesses religions own that make profits should be taxed”? Can you believe that? Wanting to tax our beloved makers of Weet-Bix or suggest a cut of the $100 million a year Hillsong rakes in?

Without those vast profits the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Hillsong make, how could they afford to continue to help the greater community who suffer with homelessness and poverty? And what about those poor refugees here and on those hell holes in Manus and Nauru? Hmm actually, I will get back to you on that…

More importantly, how could we afford the conversion therapies to straighten out all those whispered to kiddies if we can’t make a quid without handing over some to the Government? Our Prime Minister is, again, right: “Let kids be kids.”

As a side note, I included a graphic of our inspirational leaders’ tweet for you, sadly, so many of you unwashed have maybe not met the upright standard of this upright Christian and have been blocked, but I was worried that you may not see the light and redeem yourselves if you could not see his words of wisdom.

Anyhow I could carry on all day about how we – particularly – white, middle class, people of faith are being persecuted on a daily basis because of our religion. Trying to take away all the special rights and privileges we religious have always had in this nation!

Please, support our wonderful new God-fearing Prime Minister as he tackles the greatest threat currently facing our nation.

Stuff those people who whine about Australia being a secular nation, it is time to fight back, urgently send us all your “thoughts and prayers”.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, if you could not work it out already, I’m taking the piss out of the privileged "God squad" types. If you are a true "Christian", you know the sort who actually do love all of Gods children, without fear or favour, do good work (like some of the local churches with soup kitchens, run by volunteers, with parishioners fundraising, not taxpayer funded Government grants) to help those in need, you know who you are, this is not aimed at you. In fact, I grew up Catholic and know many who would give their last dollar to help those in greater need. Thes true Christians are not worried about losing any sort of special status, or the freedom to discriminate, because... well.. they don’t discriminate because they are true Christians.

Read more from Noely Neate on her blog YaThink?, or follow her on Twitter @YaThinkN.

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